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Rick Pitino: Another One Bites the Dust!

Updated on August 12, 2009
Rick Pitino (Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Rick Pitino (Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

Well, here we go again. It seems like Deja Vu. Every few months it seems as though there is another prominent/iconic sports figure headlining the news for poor decisions. Michael Vick has been the poster boy in recent times for this crusade. I think he is thankful that his name may be put in the back burner for a while so he can focus on joining an NFL football team for the upcoming 2009 season.

Rick Pitino, head basketball Coach for the University of Louiville, is caught up in a nasty web of deception, lies, and adultery. Approximately 6 years ago, Pitino had a sexual encounter with the wife of the team's equipment manager Tim Sypher. There are conflicting reports from the two participants. Pitino claims that he and Karen Sypher had consensual sex at a Louiville restaurant after it closed. Sypher, on the other hand, alleges that Pitino forced himself on her. There was another encounter that took place at Sypher's condo where she alleges he forced himself on her.

A few weeks later, Sypher told Pitino that she was pregnant and that he must be the father. She then asked him for $3,000 dollars (again conflicting stories on what the money was supposed to be spent on). Sypher soon after aborted the pregnancy. 

Karen Sypher (Brian Bohannon/ Associated Press)
Karen Sypher (Brian Bohannon/ Associated Press)

Now let me try to untangle myself from this confusing web. First of all both Petino and Sypher are married. What were they doing closing the bar/restaurant down together? Where was her husband (who is part of the basketball staff)? I wasn't there, but my intuition tells me that the sex was consensual. Well to back this up, who gets raped by someone and then meets them at their house where the same act can take place again? If you need to talk to the person who violated you then you do it in a well populated place or through the police.

Was the money that Rick Pitino gave to Karen Sypher for medical insurance (she had none) or for an abortion? I'll let you decide that one. You probably know what my intuition is leaning me towards. Six years later this horrific soap opera is coming to the surface and the legal battle is ongoing. An investigation did not furnish enough evidence to bring rape charges against Pitino. Currently there is an FBI investigation for the allegation that Sypher was trying to extort $10 Million dollars from Pitino. There are unconfirmed reports that Pitino previously gave her money after the three thousand (if so, was it hush money?).

Well, to sum it up, it doesn't look good for either of them. Pitino may lose his job from the negative press the school is receiving. If a player and his parents are deciding which school to committ to, will this incident be the deciding factor? Will parents entrust their kids with him? Sypher is looking at serious jail time if she is brought to trial and found guilty. She is also in the midst of a divorce from her husband Tim. Next time, I wonder if a man and a woman will look into each other's eyes and see the future before succumbing to a few moments of pleasure! I'm sure Kobe, A-Rod, and Steve McNair (R.I.P.) would have chosen differently.


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