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Rick Johnson Memorial Double-handed Race 8-14-06

Updated on August 15, 2006

Rick Johnson Memorial Series CSYC 8-14-06

Wind wsw 6-16 knots, oscillating. Smooth water. Great racing and photo conditions.

Traveler, Island Packet 27

Rogue Ranger, Ranger 23

Island Packet 27

Island Packet 27

Island Packet 27, Traveler

Freedom 25, Cheshire Cat

Race Committee

Express 27 Piper, 2nd JAM B

Cal 3-30 Sandbox, 2nd JAM D

S2 9.1 Gypsy and Commodore Bill Srigley, 1st JAM A

S2 9.1 Gypsy

Express 27 Piper, 2nd JAM B

Cal 20, Commodore Lorne Sherry and crew, 3rd JAM F

Tartan 10 Super Chief

Tartan 10 Lady Luck, 3rd JAM A

J105 Pinnacle

Lady Luck, Das Boot, Cabernet

Gougeon 32, Felix, 1st JAM M

T3000 Growl Tiger

Gougeon 32, Felix

Super chief LImerick, Lady Luck

C & C 35 Shamrock, 2nd JAM A

Cal 20 #898

Cal 25 Summer Stock, 2nd JAM E

Gypsy & Shamrock 1st, 2nd JAM A

Gougeon 32 Felix

JAM A Boats

Das Boot & Piper, 2nd Leg

Express 27 Piper

Express 27 Piper & Grosse Pointe Yacht Club

Catalina 27 Windward, 2nd JAM F

Bristol 27 Seawise, 1st JAM E (and, as I recall, a class winner in the BYC Mac this year)

Catalina 25 Heartbeat

Skipjack & Freedom 25 approaching the finish line

Skipjack & Freedom 25

Skipjack, Lazy Jack

Skipjack, Lazy Jack

CSYC Committee Boat Easterly

Freedom 25 Cheshire Cat

Skipjack, Lazy Jack

Freedom 25 Cheshire Cat

Ranger 23 Rogue Ranger

Cheshire Cat sails into the sunset.

Lazy Jack

Cal 20 #898

Ranger 23 Rogue Ranger


RC Commodore Ralph Watkins


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