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Riding You

Updated on November 29, 2014
Eminence, MO
Eminence, MO | Source

What Is Your Name

I'll ride you easy and push you hard. 
I'll carry you if you need me because you are doing your part. 
I don't know what your name is.  I'm still wating for you to tell me. 
Give me a hint.  Is it in the way you move me? 
The sweat rolls down, dripping from my face. 
You don't mind though, you are wet in your own way. 
I can hear you move and feel your strain. 
I'll try to take it easy on you and move your way. 
A little tug here leaning over you, closer, there. 
Now that feels good. 
We are moving together.  Prepare. 
Here it comes.  Time to push again.  Give me what you got.  Don't hold back. 
Talk to me a little.  Should I shift you a bit. 
Let's try it this way.  I am going to sit.
Feet strain, calves ache. 
My thighs are burning and starting to shake
I don't know how long we have been going
Every second the urge grows stronger
Baby keep moving and flowing
It won't be much longer
The end is coming
Pumping harder
I can hear you moaning
Just a little farther
Release, Relief
Collapse on my side
Let's take a quick break
And then go for another ride.


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  • Micky Dee profile image

    Micky Dee 7 years ago

    You know I love this!!! It's the simple struggle and pleasure from the sweetest invention man has ever come up with! It's been downhill ever since!