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Right Brain Hitting Technology is the key to hitting .500 in MLB

Updated on December 4, 2014

Awesome mental technology being overlooked by MLB

Right Brain hitting technology is the key to hitting .500 in MLB

I realize that most old school baseball experts will disagree with me when I say the .500 batting average is achievable in Major League Baseball for players who are both smart enough and willing to do the necessary work. Unfortunately, most of the so-called baseball "experts" are uninspired sheep-like followers so lost in the past they don't even believe the .400 batting average is possible in the 21st century.

Baseball management remains ignorant of the age old spiritual teaching found in every great religion which is, "According to your faith, be it unto you." If you believe the .400 or .500 batting averages to be either unrealistic or impossible goals, respectively, they certainly will be. Henry Ford, the legendary car maker said, " If you believe you can or can't do a thing, you will be right in either case."

However, after having been a professional baseball player myself, I know what really goes on in Major League baseball organizations. Virtually every MLB organization is managed by members of the same old school Animal House-like fraternity who have been programmed like Stepford Wives or MK Ultra mind control victims to think, feel, and act pretty much the same way.

Unofficially, a pioneering spirit and Innovation, like the letter high strike, have been strictly prohibited by MLB ownership. Instead, mediocrity and parity have become the acceptable way, even the encouraged way of doing business in professional baseball today.

Philosophically, Baseball team owners have become much like the Rollerball team owners, the corrupt ruling elites in the futuristic movie entitled Rollerball , where individualism and superstardom were strongly discouraged in favor of mediocrity and parity. The corrupt ruling elites feared the potential political influence a sports superstar might have if he ever decided to blow the whistle and tell the world about the criminal elites' many horrendous crimes.

This is the real reason the most powerful and effective inner game hitting technology is not being used by any MLB organization today. For example, a .500 hitter would be so popular that they could become far too powerful, politically, should they decide to blow the whistle and reveal some of the more egregious crimes being committed by the wealthiest and most powerful people in America today.

Ironically, a steady decline in hitting proficiency really began in 1969 when the pitcher's mound was lowered from 15-inches tall to 10-inches tall and the size of the strike zone was reduced by approximately one-third as well. These two changes were supposed to make life much easier for hitters and more difficult for pitchers. However, the owners didn't account for the negative influence on hitting that their newly energized lust for Home Runs would cause.

The reason the owners made these two changes was that pitching had become so dominant which produced so many low scoring games, people were becoming bored with baseball and stopped watching it on TV. With the prospect of losing millions in TV income, the owners had to do something to generate more offense and fan interest to improve the sagging TV ratings. Hitting more Home Runs was heavily encouraged by ownership.

In 1968, for example, pitcher Bob Gibson of the Cardinals had a 1.12 ERA which was the lowest ERA in history and the American League had only one .300 hitter. Carl Yastrzemski won the AL batting title with a .301 batting average, the lowest batting average ever to win a batting title. Overall, hitting was pitiful.

With the smaller pitcher's mound and strike zone, hitters would have an enormous advantage over the pitchers. However, instead of encouraging hitters to concentrate on hitting line drives, using the whole field, going with the pitch, and being smart with two strikes, as had always been the practice of most great and fundamentally sound hitters, the owners insisted on seeing more home runs. I am sure this lust for more home runs also led to the widespread use of steroids.

This lust for home runs, which the owners felt would stimulate more fan interest and higher TV ratings has led to a steady decline in the number of fundamentally sound hitters. Virtually every hitter has developed a Home Run Uppercut swing and the Dead Pull hitting mentality. Today, overall, hitters are fundamentally weaker than ever before.

This lust for home runs and the desire to hit the ball as far as they possibly can has led to horrible selectivity at the plate. Never before have we seen so many strikeouts and hitters swinging at absolutely horrible pitches. The league strikeout average for all players was 20%, which was the highest in baseball history. It means that players were striking out once every 5 times they came to the plate. Hitters should strike out no more than 10% of their plate appearances.

Never before have so many hitters swung at so many bad pitches, especially so many bouncing balls. It was absolutely pitiful. I am sure Ted Williams, Rogers Hornsby, and Ty Cobb are spinning in their graves. Today's players are in desperate need of more mental work. They need to exercise their minds with visualization or mental rehearsal work. They need to really KNOW what a strike looks like from start to finish. They are mentally weak, unfocused, and undisciplined.

The simple truth is MLB is managed by some of the most uneducated, unsophisticated, and downright stupid people on planet Earth. The hitting instruction being taught now is virtually the same as the hitting instruction taught 50 years ago. It is all physical and mechanical and every hitter has heard it all before on countless occasions. They refuse to teach anything new. I have heard hitting instructors say, "When you make it to the big leagues you are already supposed to know how to hit."

The mental aspect of hitting is virtually ignored. Since the physical and mechanical aspect of hitting accounts for maybe 5% of your hitting success and the mental aspect accounts for about 95% of your success, you can begin to understand why I say Baseball is being managed my virtual morons.

First, to overcome the idea that the .500 batting average is not possible, let's look back to the year of 1924 when Rogers Hornsby hit .424 for the entire season. During one 30 day stretch that season, Hornsby got 54 hits in 106 at bats for a cool .509 batting average, the best 30 day stretch of hitting ever. He also had a 60 day stretch of hitting in 1924 when he hit .489, also the best 60 day stretch of hitting in baseball history.

Now, I realize that 60 days is only approximately one-third of a full season, but hitting .489 over a 60 day stretch tells me that the .500 batting average is not a totally absurd idea as the so-called "experts" will tell you. Knowing what I know now about state-of-the-art mental technology, the .500 batting average is both a conceivable and believable goal. And, as all the success philosophers throughout history have taught, "If you can conceive it, and believe it, you can achieve it."

The primary weakness with most hitters today is their failure to use their powerful minds effectively. While the brain has two separate hemispheres, the left and the right brain, MLB management and players work with their left brain ONLY. This is why I have been calling them stupid and they hate me for it. Yes, I have been rather ugly and harsh in my criticisms but I have been totally honest with them. The Truth hurts, especially when you are dealing with such frightened sheeple, afraid to think for themselves, and with egos the size of the Grand Canyon. Unfortunately, most of them are truly incompetent and simply refuse to deal with the truth.

I uncovered a hitting secret 40 years ago in 1974 while preparing to bat against the world's best fast-pitch softball pitcher, a man named Ty Stofflet. Look him up. He was amazing to say the least. Ty said he was clocked at 104.7 mph. Sports Illustrated did a big article on him entitled "This guy can rise it,drop it and pop it at 104 mph." (see Sports Illustrated article in link below)

More recently I have learned that the world's fastest male fastpitch softball pitchers are actually throwing it closer to 85 mph, not 100 mph. However, even at 85 mph from 46 feet, that would be the equivalent, in reaction time, to a 111.79 mph pitch thrown from 60'-6". It's still plenty fast.

My hitting secret involved selecting a specific type of pitch and visualizing it thousands of times. I would imagine seeing the pitch leave the pitcher's hand, which triggered my short and smooth stride. I would track the precise flight path the pitch HAD to travel on to reach my roughly 4" square window in my impact area. This was the exact pitch I wanted most. I thoroughly programmed myself to KNOW exactly what MY pitch had to look like. This mental process formed a very powerful mind-body blueprint of perfection deep within my subconscious mind.

I would then see the barrel of my bat crush into the center of the ball and compress the ball, making the ball look like a half-moon up against the barrel of my bat. I would then see the ball explode off my bat on a line parallel to the ground, a zero-degree line shot, ripped back through the box past Ty's pitching arm, travelling so fast Ty couldn't possibly react to it and stop it, into centerfield for a clean base hit. I visualized this perfect performance over and over, again and again, thousands of times. This mental process formed a very strong neuro-physical (mind-body) blueprint of perfection deep within my subconscious mind.

I mentally rehearsed this specific perfect performance every day, hundreds of times, practically all day long for 2 weeks before I had to face Ty. I wasn't even sure, at the time, if my plan would work or not. Nobody in baseball at the college or pro level had ever suggested such a unique preparation technique. I worked harder during those two weeks preparing for Ty Stofflet than I had ever worked at anything in my life.

Well, to make a long story short, I hit 4 line shots off Ty in 6 at-bats, 3 of which went for base hits and one being flagged down by the shortstop. I also went 9 for 19 (.474) in the tournament, with a couple more line shots caught for outs. I was the top hitter in the tournament batting against some of the top pitchers in the world. I had never hit the ball so well in my entire life. I was literally in my zone, that mental state of enhanced space-time perception when the action actually appears to slow down for you. It was awesome to say the least.

Nobody had ever taught me this. I was soon to be 25 years old and had just discovered the most awesome hitting secret in the world. Since that time I have really been obsessed with research and testing to understand what actually happened in such a way that I could effectively teach it to others. I have successfully taught this to quite a few hitters in baseball and fastpitch softball and witnessed some truly extraordinary results. Now, I understand the process so well I can keep it simple too.

What my inner game hitting technology does is strengthen the right brain where your spatial-awareness function is located. Your spatial awareness is so crucial for quickly recognizing various types of pitches, mentally graphing how the ball interacts with time and space to accurately calculate and anticipate the exact flight path of various pitches and time your swing perfectly or check your swing in time. This is absolutely crucial for great hitting yet is not being taught at the highest level?

In addition, my technology helps you slow down the action and fine tunes your hand-eye coordination simultaneously. It is , without question, the most powerful and effective hitting technology in existence. Yet, it is not being taught in MLB. Can you say...Duh?

Now, at age 65, I am without question the most effective hitting instructor or teacher in the world today because, as far as I know, I am still the only person focusing almost exclusively on the inner game technology that gets you into your Zone at home plate. I know that nobody in MLB is currently teaching it. I say I am the most effective, without ego, simply because I have never seen or heard anyone else teach anything even remotely similar to what I teach. If I don't tell you, who will?

Yet, I have repeatedly offered my teaching services to every MLB organization, on numerous occasions, and NONE of them will even allow me to give them a demonstration or an audition, even for free.

Clearly, I have been blackballed for some reason. Maybe they simply think I'm crazy? Maybe they think I am a liar? Maybe their egos are too big? Maybe they are simply ignorant and afraid? Or, maybe they are demon possessed? I understand that Satanism and demon possession seem to be very popular at the Vatican, with Queen Elizabeth, and the trillionaires that control the Global Money supply. It certainly wouldn't surprise me.

In my opinion, the owners of MLB clubs instruct their baseball management personnel to blackball any spiritual based form of coaching that might result in producing superstars who give credit for their success to God. As you know, Satanists hate God. I believe they are most probably controlling MLB too.

At least, anyone who wants to be a great hitter can be if they employ my ideas and work diligently.

If you wish to learn more about my inner game teachings for hitters, simply Google "bwinwright" and you can find numerous instructional articles I have written in the past. If you would like to see some cool bat/ball compression pictures, go to my website.


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