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Is Robin Van Persie Muslim?

Updated on December 19, 2015

Is Robin Van Persie Muslim?

Is Robin Van Persie a Muslim? This is a frequently asked question about the Manchester United and the Netherlands Striker. Van Persie is without doubt one of the best strikers in the premier league and the world in general. However, many of his fans are very concerned with his religion. Religion is delicate thing and some people prefer not to talk about in public and this could explain the reason as why Van Persie’s religious belief remains unknown to the members of the public.

The only person who can let us know if Robin Van Persie professes Islam as his religion is definitely himself which means that the masses can keep on speculating or gossiping about his religious beliefs. While some refer to Robin Van Persie as a Muslim, many of these claims are unfounded. There is no definitivey proof that he is a Muslim or a Christian. Like Thierry Henry and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Van Persie's religion isn't known.

Is Robin Van Persie Muslim?
Is Robin Van Persie Muslim?

is van persie a muslim?

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Van Persie has not made any definitive statements about his religion. This has kept the public guessing in regards to whether he is a Muslim or not and no one has ever seen him talk about or say something about his religious belief or affiliation. Those who say he is a Muslim base this conjecture on the assumption that if his wife is a Muslim, he too should also be. While this could be true it isn’t a guarantee that Van Persie is a Muslim.

Van Persie’s wife (Bouchra Van Persie) is a Moroccan Muslim and the Islamic religion is clear on whom should a Muslim marry. For a Muslim to marry a non-Muslim, the later must convert to the Islamic religion and this could be used to support the argument that RVP is a Muslim. Unless the wife (Bouchra) isn’t a practicing Muslim, it’s is a strong indication that he had converted to Islam before he married her. Another supporting evidence that Van Persie is a Muslim is the name of his son Shaqueel, which sounds an Islamic name.

In the year 2008, when asked about his religious beliefs by, he said: “It’s not true. I’m not a Muslim, nor a Christian or a Jew. I have been raised liberally. If you want to become a Muslim it should come from your heart. I would not do it just to please my wife.” This seems to say pretty strongly that he doesn't adhere to any specific religion.

The debate rages on (until he comes out publicly on it) but the only sure thing is that Robin Van Persie is a great player and let’s hope he gets what he really deserves.


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