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Rock vs. Cena: what’s the future of this rivalry?

Updated on April 2, 2011

It couldn’t have been any bigger! The Rock, the people’s champ was announced to be the guest host of WrestleMania 27. People were chanting his name, announcers were ecstatic. The Rock came, pronounced some of his most popular words and finally when everyone thought, he is going to stop, he took a dig against John Cena, only to make things even better.

A blast from the past

Cena was the first man who started all these. At national television, he made some rough comments on “The Rock” and also criticized the legendry wrestler for leaving WWE, the organization with which Cena is signed. Though, at that point of time, The Rock chose to be silent, it is quite evident now that he never forgot it. As soon as he was back in the wrestling ring, he gave it back to Cena.

Cena’s reply

Cena took an older path to combat Rock. After Rock’s harsh words, Cena decided to abuse “The People’s Champ” by doing a rap. None can really forget the immense popularity that Cena’s “Doctor of Thuganomics” avatar gained and Cena brought back that character wisely. People loved it and all of these took the rivalry to different heights all together.

Current stand on the rivalry

After Cena’s battle rap answer, The Rock didn’t stop and took further digs at Cena. Interestingly, crowd seems to enjoy every moment these two WWE superstars abuse each other. The reason? They want to see these two guys in the ring, against each other!

Whom do you want to see win if Rock and Cena wrestle each other?

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This Rock vs. Cena rivalry can possibly turn into any one of these three possibilities:

A match at WrestleMania 28

The best option, at least for the wrestling fans! They will love to see these two amazing wrestlers go against each other inside a wrestling ring. Now, you may ask, why WrestleMania 28? Why not this WrestleMania when the rivalry is all heated up? Well, don’t you think it’s already pretty late? The Rock will be limited to the role of a guest host and Cena will take on The Miz in the ring for the WWE Championship. Chances are really less than Rock will interfere in that match as if he does; he may turn a heel, something that Rock will not like to happen because of his film career.

WrestleMania 28 can give a perfect set up to this dream match. WWE creative team will have a single year to bent this rivalry as they want (Rock will obviously going to have limited appearances, but if done wisely, things can still be tuned) and after all these, when these two meet each other, the ring will be set on fire.

Absolutely nothing after WrestleMania 27

Fans will hate this to happen but all these rivalry can be nothing but a gimmick for people to buy tickets of this WrestleMania. People will come to watch the event and wait for something to happen, but nothing really happens. The two superstars don’t come face to face at all and the night passes out.

If WWE has indeed taken this approach, this can backfire pretty badly. People will be so annoyed that some can even disassociate themselves from watching WWE ever again.

The two makes it up

Something for fans to cheer! Cena wins the title and The Rock enters the ring. Just when everyone would be dreaming of a fight, The Rock lifts Cena’s hand and the two show each other mutual respect by shaking hands.

Possibly not the best option, but at least better than nothing taking place at all. Fans will not be very happy to see this ending; all they want is a match between these two. But, think, when these two superstars be in the same ring at the same time that will certainly make a WrestleMania moment. Any better way than this for ending this year’s WrestleMania?

Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion and you may not agree with what I spoke here. If you have any other thoughts or just want to support my thinking; you can always share what you have in mind here.


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