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Roller Coasters You Must Ride!

Updated on December 21, 2016

Are you a thrill seeker?

When it comes to roller coaster you gotta have the guts! People have traveled around the world riding some of the best coasters. Lets take a look at all the crazy coasters you must ride! Do you have the guts? Buckle up its going to be a crazy ride!

Sheikra Tampa, Florida

This large roller coaster takes you up 200ft to the edge of the drop, then tilts you on a 90 degree angle only to pause for a few seconds to let you fear the drop of SheiKra. After this intense drop you reach speeds up to 70mph on the red track. You wont forget the tunnel that goes underground and leaves a huge splash! Are you ready to take on SheiKra?

SheiKra front row POV

Can you take on SheiKra?

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El Toro Jackson, New Jersey

Do you dare to jump into this bull ride? El Toro is a wooden roller coaster that is unlike any other! Reaching speeds up to 70mph you will fully feel what its like to be on a bull ride. Filled with sharp turns and stomach twisting drops! The great part about El Toro is the way that it was engineered. It makes this wooden coaster have a smooth feel throughout the entire ride. Are you ready to ride the bull?

El Toro POV

Do you Dare to ride the bull?

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Intimidator 305 Doswell,Virginia

This roller coaster is unlike any other and is the tallest and fastest on the east coast. You surely will have time to think about your decision on your way up 305 feet of track. Now that you have no choice you quickly plummit 300 ft at a 85 degree angle. This coaster is truly intimidating when it reaches speeds of 90mph. This is surely one for the books!

Intimidator 305 POV

Will you take on the Intimidator 305?

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BATMAN:The Ride San Antonio, Texas

Are you ready to ride a 4D coaster with special effects and more! This roller coaster has been constructed unlike any other! Soar through the sky with Batman through this Gotham City Adventure. You will be flipping as you go through a 12 story hill with two vertical drops! Do you have your bat suit?


Can you take on BATMAN?

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Kingda Ka Jackson New Jersey

This one is not for the faint of heart! Shoot from 0 to 128 mph in 3.5 seconds! You will be taken up 45 stories to a unique U shaped track dropping 456 feet! You surely wont forget this coaster and its 270 degree spiral. Its a ride fit for a king, can you take it on?

Kingda Ka POV

Can you take on the King?

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Skyrush Hershey Pennsylvania

Can you take on this 3,600 ft track going as fast as 75 mph. Plummit down 200ft in this unique yellow coaster. One unique feature that this coaster includes is a different style of restraint leaving your shoulders and chest open to get the full experience of your ride! Feeling like your going to fly out of your seat at any moment will make this coaster one to remember! Make sure to keep your hands up!

Skyrush POV

Can you take on Skyrush?

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Vanish Roller Coaster Yokohama Japan

Live out your childhood dream and finally be able to become invisible! Head to Japan and on this coaster you will VANISH. You will take a vertical dive under water and become invisible! This coaster dives in a tunnel that was constructed under water and is 2,440 feet long. The ride will take you about a minute and 58 seconds to finish. Will you take the plunge?

Vanish POV

Will you vanish?

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These are just a few roller coasters you must ride! There are tons more all around the world to experience. Check out some stats below of some great roller coasters!

Roller Coaster Stats

Track Length
Kingda Ka 456 ft
1 Formula Rossa 150mph
Steel Dragon 2000 8133ft
Top Thrill Dragster 420 ft
Kingda Ka 128mph
Ultimate 7442ft
Superman: Escape from Kyrpton 415 ft
Top Thrill Dragster 120mph
Fujiyama 6708ft


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