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Rooney leaving

Updated on October 23, 2010

What is the matter with Wayne Rooney?

A wonder boy, a footballer star from Liverpool who plays for Manchester United has admitted that he wants to leave the English giants. Why? He is probably unhappy and calls it quits playing for Sir Alex Ferguson. Just two months into the 2010 English League, Manchester United lie third behind Chelsea and city rivals Manchester City. With a poor start of the season, Manchester United might as well give up the title to whom the leaders of the league. Thats unless Wayne Rooney leaves the club in the beginning of the transfer window in January.

It is understood that Sir Alex is probably behind this Wayne saga. He was behind the departures of David Beckham, Ruud Van Nistelrooy, Jaap Stam, and Cristiano Ronaldo. Sir Alex Ferguson is known to be the bad ass of all football managers. Known to have violent and madness reactions during half time games. He is one touch bastard from Scotland. Sir Alex wants to win and wants his team and players to be winners and losing is not an option. However, if he is upset with his players Ferguson will take action just like when he threw some object that hit Beckham above the eye. Months later after Beckham got hit with some object, Beckham left for Real Madrid.

Why does Rooney want to leave United? There a lot of answers to that. Both he and Ferguson probably had an argument, where Ferguson has limited his playing time. Injuries also plays a role of Rooney leave. The personal problems that surround him off the football fields. And of course, Manchester United are in debt and is in need to sell players to pay for their debts. However, the most correct answer would be that Rooney just wants to leave Manchester United. United fans are all disappointed in Rooney and such disappointment has effected his game ever since the World Cup 2010 started. He was and still is on a goal drought right now. Every game that he has played in the league looks like he is not trying and it looks like its his last match for the red shirt.

As a Manchester United fan I am sad to hear that Wayne Rooney wants to leave Manchester. He is important to the club, he one of our best players on the field and everyone depends on him. But I guess when Rooney is under pressure, he just cannot execute to his best. His performance has gone down. Has not score a lot this year including a bad World Cup. On the other hand, if Rooney does leave in the transfer window, I'm sure Ferguson can pull of a trick to buy some quality player and if not he probably will sign another wonder boy just like Wayne Rooney.   

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