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Rooney signs new contract

Updated on October 23, 2010

Rooney signs a new contract

Days before mentioning that he wants to leave Manchester United because the team is not winning trophies, Wayne Rooney has just signed a new five year contract. With his dramatic decision to stay with the English giants, Rooney will be a United player until 2015. The decision came about when the representatives of Manchester United and the representatives of Wayne Rooney held a meeting,this Friday, to discuss Rooney's future and a possible transfer.

The representatives and the head of staff of Manchester United had convince Rooney to stay as a United player. In fact, it did not take Rooney to think twice of leaving Manchester for another club, so he has decided to sign a new five year contract. Rooney's decision was not hard for him to think about because he was convinced that Man. United is the team for him and the manager (Sir Alex Ferguson) is the best in the world.

It has been a very difficult time in Manchester. Ever since Rooney mentioned that he wants to leave United, the fans has given up and the fact that the whole world knew he was leaving Manchester for Chelsea, City or Real Madrid. But instead choose to stay in United. Now that Rooney has signed a new contract, Rooney will be earning up too £180,000 a week. Not bad for a 24 year old boy; Rooney who turns 25 this Sunday. That would be a perfect birthday gift for him, a new contract, a bigger boost for his team and more money earned.

No one knew where Wayne Rooney was going to end up. Manchester United was the last place Rooney will end up. Everyone was hoping that he would end up playing away from England to a much bigger European clubs. If he did decide to leave United, it would be for sure that he wants out by January. However, now that he has signed a new contract, the Rooney saga is over. Every can relax and take a breather because Rooney is staying in Manchester.   

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