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Royals Still Hot Off Last Seasons Streak To The World Series

Updated on April 6, 2015

Through cloudy skies the scene set in fine form. Kaufman Stadium filled with electricity and that was only as Kansas City Royal Alumni were being announced. The game had even started and there was something very different about opening day this year, I could search my brain for the perfect word, but the feeling that comes to mind is belief.

For a Kansas City this kind of Opening Day has come for 20 years, there is a belief that it doesn't matter what team marches into town, they will leave promptly with their tails between their legs. The Chicago White Sox organizations didn't have its greatest year against the Royals last year they were 8-16 and they were lucky enough to get the Royals on opening day, and day that has been in anticipation since last years World Series loss.

The Hurlers

Yordano Ventura hit the hill for the Royals and Jeff Samardzija for Chicago. This match up was interesting Ventura pitches with a distinct style of power, power, and more power. Samardzija paints the plate with split fingers, change ups, and speed. The one thing that appeared apparent as the game rolled on was the when things go bad for Samardzija they go bad really fast. Mike Moustakas hit a homer of Samardzija in the bottom of the 5th inning and right after that at bat Samardzija hit Lorenzo Cain in the hip. Ventura powered through 6 innings and the top of the 7th inning Jose Abreu hit a homerun against Ventura, directly after that at bat Ventura left the game abruptly due to a right thumb cramp.

Royals Topple Sox

The final score was 10-1 Kansas City. KC wasn't all power, there was a lot of small ball to score runs. It seemed to be an overall team effort that transferred for last year even though there are a lot of new faces in the Royals organization.

2015 Royals

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