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Rugby - The best entertainer

Updated on September 14, 2015


Rugby is a worldwide sport played by two teams each consisting of fifteen players. It is a full contact sports played on a rectangular grass field. Rugby originated from Europe in the late 1800s. For the first time, to the fans and even the players, the game could seem chaotic with a series of haphazard collisions and indecipherable movements. But the reality of the matter is that it is just what it seems. Though the game is highly technical and physically demanding, it is orderly and organized under certain structured rules and laws that govern its play. Often the objective in the rugby game is usually to score as much points as possible by carrying or kicking the ball towards the opposing team’s goal line. Apparently this is done by grounding the ball on the opponent’s area. The score is usually called a try.

The game

In a rugby match, field position is crucial. It is achieved by running or kicking the ball. Passing is usually done backwards or sideways. Team players have to remain sideways and rather not going ahead of the player who’s in possession of the ball. Alternatively, the ball might be kicked in front of the players and one thing to note is that being too much ahead of the player with the ball is termed as an offside play. Tackling defines a significant feature of the game and only the players in possession of the ball are the only ones who can be tackled. A tackle is complete when the player yields to the tackle (grounded). Before the possession is changed, to progress up-field, the attacking team will get a maximum of six tackles. Also each team is usually allowed a maximum of seven substitutes in each game. Six of the replacements are reserved for the team’s purposes while the remaining one position is reserved for injuries. Once a player is substituted, he can never join the team again. However, if he/she was substituted on a basis of a blood injury, he could be allowed back into the team provided he is back within duration of ten minutes after substitution.


In this sport, the most common form of scoring is usually by tries. Often, the players will score by running or kicking the ball upfront. Passing from one player to another can also be one way of scoring by maneuvering past the defense’s opposition. A try entails touching the ball to the ground beyond the defender’s goal-line and is worth four points. A goal is usually worth two points and it is often acquired through penalty or conversions. A drop goal is usually worth two points and it is acquired by dropping and kicking the ball between the uprights in the open play. In this game, score is referred to as a try. Often, after a try, according to the rugby laws, the team is usually allowed an opportunity to attempt a goal with conversion. A conversion refers to a kick towards the goal point. It is meant for attaining further points. Consequently, the opposing team will always try to counter the rival team by tackling them down. The ultimate objective is to score as much tries as possible past the opposition within eighty minutes of play. In case of a draw (where two team share points), a draw may be declared or the game may resort into an extra time, under the requirement of the golden point rule. This always depends on the competitions format. Though rugby is a worldwide sport, it has always seemed to receive a considerable significance in the culture and heritage of most of the European nations including Australia and some of the Pacific countries. The governing body of the sport is Rugby League International Federation.


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