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5 Unwritten Rules of Camping

Updated on June 13, 2013
Even if you think you are the only one there.
Even if you think you are the only one there.

Camping is about friends, fun, and relaxation but there are a number of both written and unwritten rules that campers are expected to follow.

Rules For Enjoyable Camping

1. Fires.

  • Keep your fires low. A public campground is not the place for a roaring bonfire. Sit by the fire and enjoy the heat and mesmerizing colors.
  • Stack your firewood neatly and out of the way. People don't want to be tripping on your firewood. It is also a good idea to keep it away from the fire and any stray sparks. If you stack your firewood under your awning or under the back of the trailer it will stay dry for you.
  • Put out your fire. This is perhaps the most important campfire rule. Put it out. Even the small, almost out ashes can start a blazing forest fire if a gust of wind catches it just right.

2. Parking.

  • What is camping if you can't enjoy it with friends? The only problem is a build up of vehicles near your campsite. If you have more vehicles than will fit in your site then look for overflow parking. Don't just park on the edge of the road. Campsite roads are narrow enough as it is when you are driving a long, tall unit.

3. Drinking.

  • For many people, socializing and relaxing involves alcoholic drinks around the fire. This is usually not a problem as long as you respect the people around you.
  • Drink in moderation. People tend to get loud, mean or obnoxious when they drink. They often don't even notice it but the people around them will. Keep things under control.
  • Keep your drinking confined to your site and keep your liquor in your trailer when you are not there. Drinks on ice in a cooler outside your trailer is easy to access and it is also easy to set a cooler in a vehicle or back in the trailer when you leave.

4. Guests.

  • You are responsible for the actions of your guests. If possible limit your guests to those you know will respect the rules and the rights of other campers.

5. Noise.

  • When you are camping in a public campsite you are in close proximity to other campers - even if you can't see them for the trees. Use respect when it comes to noise pollution.
  • Not everyone shares your taste in music so confine your music to inside your trailer. Don't blast it out so you can hear it at the fire. Noise travels.
  • Many people camp to relax and enjoy the quiet sounds of nature. At the same time it is generally understood that a certain amount of noise is inevitable.
  • Things like generators and yelling kids are tolerated even if they are not liked. As a fellow camper you should show respect by running your generator for short periods of time and only during the late morning to early evening.

Camping is an activity that many different types of people enjoy. If all the campers are respectful of other campers it is a most pleasant experience. But it only takes one loud, rude, obnoxious camper to ruin it for the whole campground. Don't be that person.


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    • internpete profile image

      Peter V 

      6 years ago from At the Beach in Florida

      you say 'camping' but then you talk about a 'trailer'? Haha, jk. Great rules here, I have run into people while camping who didn't follow these rules and they can be incredibly annoying. Hope more people read this!


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