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A Girl Scout Journey: Agent of Change

Updated on January 11, 2017

Girl Scout Journeys

Agent of Change is the first Journey I did with my girls. I do like the lessons it wants to teach and that is why I chose it as the first one to write about. This HUB is an overview of that Journey. It will be followed by other meeting plans to complete the Journey. I hope to help those that find the format of the Journeys as confusing as I did in the beginning.

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A Little Something About Journeys

Before I start I'd like to say a little something about Journeys. If you haven't heard Girl Scouts is re-doing their whole program.(2011-2012) For those of us who have been leaders for a while it is quite confusing. No longer do will we have Try-its, Badges, or IPAs with straight forward requirements. We have Journeys. It's not that I don't like the Journeys. They do have their own place in Girl Scouts. It's just that my girls enjoyed looking through those books and deciding what they wanted to do. So I am a little disappointed that they will lose that. In an attempt to give many choices a Journey has so much information it is hard to navigate exactly what you are supposed to be doing to "complete" one. The truth is its up to you and your girls. That's part of the "Journey". The most important thing I learned was don't get bogged down in what is suppose to be done. Listen and watch your girls. When does it feel like they have completed the part of the Journey you are doing at that moment. That's when it is time to move on to the next part.

The Three Sections

Agent of Change is set up in three distinct yet linked sections.

  1. The Power of One - This section teaches the girls about the power they alone have to create change.
  2. The Power of Team - This section teaches the girls about the power of teamwork to create change.
  3. The Power of Community - This section teaches the girls about the power of mobilizing society to create change.

***Just a little note. Due to the nature of this Journey it worked perfectly with their Bronze Award.***

How Many Meetings

I completed this Journey in three meetings. One for each section. I did not have a large group of girls. You do not have to do every page in the girls book. The girls chose the pages with me.

One of the great things about the Journey books is the girls write in them. A benefit of having so many choices is as a leader you can pick what pages have to be done but let girls do other page they are interested. At the end of a Journey each girl can have completed different pages in her book. I did have the girls do some of the book at home and we talked about it at the meetings. Depending on how many girls you have that may not work for you.

Before You Plan

Before you plan anything look through the girls book. Get to know what type of activities the girls can do. I found it much easier to look in the girls book and find something that I thought my girls would like. Than I looked in the leader book to see how those activities were supported. You can also find what the group may want to do for a meeting and find that special something that just one girl may want to do on her own to make this Journey unique to her. The leader guide is only a support. You don't have to do everything in it and you can add things that are not in it. Use what will work with your girls, leave the rest.

Other Resourses

Another resource you can use is field trips. Whether you think of ones on your own or you use your council as a resource a field trip is a great way to complete part of a Journey while giving yourself a break or showing the girls something you may not have a lot of knowledge of. The next Hub I am going to write will cover the first section of this Journey. The Power of One.


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    • Caerleon profile image

      Caerleon 5 years ago from USA

      They collected books for children that were victims of domestic violence. Books were brought to a shelter. They collected so many books, over 1,500 that they had to find other places to donate them. One of the places was a charity that helped adults learn to read. You can look at my other Hub Page,

      Girl Scout's Highest Awards: The Bronze Award, for ideas.

    • profile image

      Dominique 5 years ago

      So what Bronze Award did you do that this Agent of Change was working towards it.