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Running Your Girl Scout Troop - "Looking Your Best"

Updated on January 11, 2017

With this Jr. badge my goal was to have the girls and moms enjoy themselves in a girls night in theme. I wanted to create an old fashion Pajama party and have the girls learn that taking care of themselves was important and a lot of fun.

Girl Scouts has phased out this type if "Badge". You can no longer get the patch for this Badge. That does not mean it is not a worth while meeting to have for your girls. If you really want a patch, you can get a fun patch for the back of their vest. They have introduced the Girl Guide that has its own set of badges.

Gathering Your Resourses

Preparation for this meeting is very important. Talk to all of your moms and see who has a talent in doing things like nails, hair, facials, massage, cooking healthy, meditation, or anything that makes us feel good and is healthy for us. Or maybe there is an older sister, aunt etc. Be creative. Think of skills the girls can use for the rest of their lives that will make them look good through feeling good and being healthy. What I am going to describe below is our meeting. What you need to do when planning your meeting is to use my frame work and your talents. I have a mom who loves to do nails, maybe you don't but one likes to create her own facials. Just keep in mid you need to do 6 requirements to complete the badge. I would include some type of healthy food and some type of organizational skill. That will leave you with 4 "beauty" or "spa" activities.

Ask the girls to bring to the meeting

I had the girls complete two requirements before the meeting to bring and share during the meeting. The first one was for requirement number 1 I asked them to gather some of their own tips for fashion or beauty to share. The other requirement was number 6. They had to organize something in their room. Their dresser or closet and bring pictures of it to show everyone how great it looked.

During the meeting

Our meeting had a sleep over theme. The girls and moms wear their PJ's. You could also do a spa theme. I wanted to create a relaxing time out with the girls. Talking and exchanging ideas about fashion beauty and health. For requirement 8 every one brought a healthy snack. so we could all eat throughout the whole meeting. Try to put a little planning into what people bring so you don't just oatmeal cookies to eat. And don't forget a healthy drink. Doing these thee requirements gets you halfway through the badge. The other half is where your parents and such come in. My best friend had a great connection for doing the girls hair in braids. I had a mom who loved doing nails and another who liked to experiment with color. The girls took turns going to each one. We all eat, talked, shared the tips they had and how wonderful their closets or drawers turned out. It was a lot of fun. I took pictures also. I think the most important part is being creative and doing what your girls like. So have fun and enjoy the girls.


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