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Running Your Girl Scout Troop - "Numbers and Shapes"

Updated on January 11, 2017

Girl Scouts has phased out the Try-its. You can no longer get this Try-it patch. That does not mean it is not a worth while meeting to have for your girls. If you really want a patch, you can get a fun patch for the back of their vest. .

Mix and Match

This Try-it can be done all at one meeting, in two meetings or you can ask the girls to do one requirement on their own to bring to the meeting. So Mix and Match to fit your troops style. If they love the outdoors you'll want to do two meetings.

Below I will give you ideas for the 1st four requirements right away. If you just do those in one "station" meeting you will be done. Another option is to let the girls do a little something on their own to bring to a meeting where you'll do three requirements. The last requirement I will explain will be for a second meeting. If you choose one of the last two options, you only have to choose three requirements at your "meeting". This should all make sense once you read the whole hub.

One Meeting/Four Requirements

Requirement #1: The book calls this requirements "Math Shapes" It is really a very cool game called Tangrams. You can use the pattern in the Try-it book to make your own or buy a few sets for the girls to use at this station. You will need a pattern book or cards too. The girls have to make the shape in the book or on the card using all the tangram blocks. It's not as easy as it sounds.

Requirement #2: Origami - If your lucky you know someone who can do this. If not, find someone who does or get a book and special paper to learn yourself. Remember, Girl Scouts are about empowering the girls to try new things. That means there are times we need to show them that we try new things too. The person in charge of this station may want to make some samples ahead of time to show the girls and to familiarize themselves with how to make different pieces.

Requirement #3: Mobius Strips - The Try-it book explains exactly what to do. You just need to gather your supplies. The person in charge of this station may want to make a sample ahead of time to show the girls and to familiarize themselves with how to make the Mobius.

Requirement #4: You can go to your local craft store and buy blank jigsaw puzzles for the girls to make themselves. Depending on the time of year you are doing your meeting them could make them into a holiday cards by writing a message on them, breaking them up, putting them in an envelope, and sending them to someone. When the person gets the "card" they will have to put the puzzle together to read the message.

Origami Idea

Mixing It Up A Little

If you would rather mix things up a little you can ask the girls to do a little work on their own and/or have a second meeting. Read on and decide what would work best for your troop.

Requirement #5: To complete this requirement the girls will have to work on their own for a month watching the moon. Some girls will love doing this. You can make this as creative as you would like. Have the girls record what they see in a way that means something to them and they enjoy.  Drawing, taking pictures, or writing a story. This "personal" interpretation is what they will bring to a meeting to share with the troop in place of one of the first four requirements. If this is something the girls enjoy you can talk to them about our moon and the moons of other planets. It could be a jumping off point for other Try-its such as, Earth and Sky or Space Exploration. So pay attention to where the girls want to go.

Requirement #6: If your troop likes the outdoors go on a nature hike! I love bringing my troop outside. What is nice about this requirement is you don't have to make a formal reservation at a nature center. You and a co-leader can just take them on a hike/walk. That way you don't have to pay to have someone take you unless that is something you wanted to do. Make sure you bring paper and pencils for drawing. Check with your council for the proper safety supplies needed. You can prep the troop with questions just before you start your walk. "What types of things do you think we will see?" What types of things do you want to see" Do you think we need to use math and/or numbers while we are on our walk?" Write down the questions and answers before the walk and after the walk. See how close the girls come to what they thought would happen and what actually happened.

Choices, Choices, Choices

So you have some choices to make with this Try-it.

Option 1: You can have one 4 station meeting and choose from the first 5 requirements. (Just leave time for the girls to do the work for requirement #5) This will get the Try-it done in one meeting, in small groups, but will leave the least amount of time for each station.

Option 2: You can have one 3 station meeting, choosing from the first 5 requirements and a nature walk/hike. It will take two meetings to complete the Try-it, the groups will be slightly larger, but you will have more time for each station. The girls will have a chance to be outdoors.

Option 3: You can have a 2 station meeting, choosing from the first 4 requirements, and a special night hike meeting. It will take two meetings to complete this Try-it. This will give you two large groups at a 2 stations but will give more time for each station. Choose wisely for your stations. You can plan a special night hike for the second meeting. Besides going on a hike to look for shapes in nature, complete requirement #5. Have the girls share what they did for this requirement and show them the moon at night. Talk about the moon. Tell stories around a campfire. You might want a nature center guide to lead this meeting.

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