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Ruslan Cernych (Lithuanian 6'6" Ice Hockey Player)

Updated on August 15, 2016

Mainly when talking about ice hockey , the only countries that would come to your mind are probably Canada , Russia or USA.

But today we have a unique player that comes from his homeland Lithuania. 1995 year born Ruslan Cernych is a 6’6’ defender that was playing several years of ice hockey in the United States as a junior. Having a large frame like him , it was a piece of cake to impress the coaches and scouts. Only seeing him in person makes you wan’t to see his abilities on the ice. Cernych is a smooth skating defender who is enormous in size. Doesn’t shy away from offering an offensive game , but is more of a defensive player. Lacks explosiveness and agility, which can lead to issues with quick forwards. Has learned to use his size to his advantage thus providing excellent reach and toughness from the backend. His massive size , reach and heavy shot from the point cannot be ignored.

Cernych not only is a decent hockey player from a country like Lithuania , he also has good knowledge of English and culture of the United States. Which gives him lots of opportunities overseas.

This player is a great example that it doesn’t matter where you come from. The most important thing is who you are.


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