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NFL Power Rankings Week 8

Updated on October 25, 2012

Thought I'd give this a shot. It's pretty self-explanatory.

32. Kansas City Chiefs.
Brady Quinn is an upgrade? Your only good receiver wants out? You have never held the lead in regulation and stole a win against arguably the worst defense in the NFL? Ouch. Good news? You get the Raiders next week. They can't stop outside runners like Jamaal Charles. Aka the only good player on your team.

31.Jacksonville Jaguars.
Your only good player and your "QB of the future" just got hurt, your 1st round pick can't get separation, and this week you get the Packers? Uh... I hope you have a favorite NBA team...

30. Oakland Raiders.
Ouch this hurts. But you can't run the ball, so forget about Darren McFadden, your only really special player. And your line can't protect Carson Palmer so he's throwing for his life to targets that get open sometimes and catch the ball kinda. You've gotta worry about Jamaal Charles this week, but if you beat KC and both the Chargers and Broncos lose, you're in first place... Not sure how...

29.Cleveland Browns.
Don't get too cocky. Yes, you escaped the bottom 3... But that's only because you have some potential. Weeden has outplayed his expectations, and that win over Cincy certainly helped. But you just lost Trent Richardson and you've got the Chargers after a bye week...

28. Buffalo Bills.
I know, I know, probably a little lower than other power rankings have them. But when you spend One. Hundred. Millllllion dollars on defense, these are not the results you expect. The biggest joke in the NFL. These guys have all the talent you can ask for but can't seem to do anything right. Blowing huge leads and failing to ward off the simplest of foes. That display against New England a few weeks ago still stings. 34 second half points? Really? I put this team so low because... They have no excuses for being this bad. The definition of underachieving.

27. Carolina Panthers.
This is a broken franchise. You just fired your GM, your QB has zero anticipation when it comes to passing downfield, you can't get either of your "superstar" backs going and your defense is butter. This team has the tools and as long as targets are wide open, or there isn't a pass rush, Cam can still make plays but Damn Cam! You've gotta get better fast!

26. Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
This team has actually played decently... For what we expect from them. A lot of talent on the offensive side of the ball, I'm just not sure that Freeman has what it takes. You've got Vincent Jackson, Mike Williams, and Dallas Clark to go with two great backs... You've gotta capitalize.

25. St. Louis Rams.
With Jeff Fischer and several first round picks in place, after the RG3 trade, this team is only looking up... But with New England coming to town this week and an inconsistent offense, they may have to wait a while longer.

24.Arizona Cardinals.
I was one of the many who saw the Cardinals for the fluke that they were after their 4-0 start, and not much has changed. John Skelton is your QB, and he doesn't have the common sense to throw to Larry Fitzgerald. You don't have a running game, and your defense has done it's very best Houdini impression.

23. Tennessee Titans.
A team that appears to be on the rise. If Chris Johnson can beat some tough match-ups, and Matt Hasselback can continue to manage games, they could actually make a wild-card push in a pathetic AFC.

22. Cincinnati Bengals.
In a division that appears to belong to Baltimore already, the Bengals have lost back to back AFC north games. Continuing to be as consistently inconsistent as ever, the Bengals have already begun to make everyone look silly for their pre-season hype... Unless you said A.J. Green was gonna be a stud. If that's the case, you look pretty smart.

21. Detroit Lions.
The Madden Curse has taken away Megatron's claws and with that, crushed the Lions offense. Stafford hasn't lived up to last years version, and the run game is non-existent. The defense is decent but not nearly good enough.

20. Miami Dolphins.
I thought Ryan Tannehill was a terrible pick for Miami. I thought he was trash, and I thought they were stupid for trading Brandon Marshall away. Now I'm not entirely wrong, but Tannehill has proven to be a decent QB. He's right on track and looks to have the pieces of a real franchise QB. Reggie Bush is still great... Uh... I still haven't quite found the pulse of this team, but they appear to be on the right track...So... Yeah.

19.Indianapolis Colts.
They are much better than I anticipated them being post-Peyton. Luck is as advertised and is playing better than a lot of veterans. The Colts are his team and may be the Aaron Rodgers to Manning's Favre. They have a good back in Delone Carter and they're playing for their coach. I like this young team.

18. New Orleans Saints.
They are only this high because of their offense. They can outscore anyone, unfortunately, their defense is awwwwwfuuuuulllll. They can't stop the run, they can't get pressure, they can't stop the pass. They couldn't stop Kansas City for Lombardi's sake!!! If they don't fix the defense soon, they won't last long in the post-season race.

17.Philadelphia Eagles.
This team has all the talent in the world, but it's misused and Vick turns the ball over too often. ( They need to straighten up if they want to catch the Giants, Redskins or...

16.Dallas Cowboys.
They have a lot of talent, but they aren't scoring enough points. They're relying on the run too much, they need to let Romo take control and win this division by scoring like they used to.

15. New York Jets.
Is Sanchez THAT bad? Is the offensive line THAT bad? Are his receivers THAT bad? Somebody do something in New York. Sign ANYBODY. I feel a "Fix The Franchise" blog coming along...

14. Washington Redskins.
Decent team. RG3 has played well. Running game is going strong. The team will suffer long term because they don't have any quality draft picks for three years, Santana Moss is old and Pierre Garcon is injury prone.

13. Minnesota Vikings.
Getting a lot healthier, AP makes the team a lot scarier. With Peterson getting healthy and the defense playing decently. This team is very active in the Wild Card chase. In fact, if the season ended right now, they'd be in ahead of Green Bay. However... I don't trust Christian Ponder. The dude loves to throw to players in different jerseys.

12. Seattle Seahawks.
You could say that this is rated a little high. But they've beaten some impressive teams at home. At. Home. The Seahawks are nigh unbeatable in Seattle. When you're guaranteed around 8 wins... It makes those away games a little more important. Good run game. Good young QB. Great defense. This team could make a legitimate WC push if things fall apart in the NFC North.

11. San Diego Chargers.
Good passing attack. Coach on the hot seat. Weak division. It's hard not to put these guys up high, though I don't think of them as a serious playoff team.

10. Pittsburgh Steelers.
Creeping around the edge of the division are those pesky Steelers. A little beat up, but still featuring the crafty Big Ben. If the Ravens suffer because of their beat up defense and the Steelers can win in Baltimore... It could get interesting.

9. Baltimore Ravens.
They don't have a defense anymore. No more Ngata, Reed, Lewis, or Webb? Jeez. And Ray Rice is underperforming? We'll see just how good Joe is, while we wait for Suggs to get healthy.

8.Denver Broncos.
Gotta love that Perfect Peyton. Still tearing teams up. 3 consecutive games with 3 TD's. He really is the best ever. He's got a good run game to go with him... But that defense... Not very smart, can't keep up with New England or Green Bay.

7. New England Patriots.
Still a great team, but not dominant. They aren't finishing teams off... I can't take them seriously until the offense blows a good team out and the defense finishes them off. You can always trust Brady though.

6. Green Bay Packers.
Best QB in the league. Playing red hot at the moment, tearing teams apart. But they need to establish the run and fix the defense, especially after losing Charles Woodson.

5. San Francisco 49ers.
Such a great defense. Such. A. Great. Defense. Gore is also awesome, but Alex Smith?... Not the answer...

4. Chicago Bears.
My NFC Super Bowl Pick. Easily the most complete team in the league. I can see them making a deep run. They have two great backs. Pure Speed with Hester. A legitimate number one target in Marshall, a great defense, and a tough QB in Cutler.

3.Atlanta Falcons.
A very solid team. Strong in every facet. Very complete. But a few of these games have gotten a little too close. They need to tighten up and really prove they belong with the elite.

2.Houston Texans.
I've never seen anybody tear the Ravens apart like the Texans did. That was... Ooh... That was brutal. In a wimpy AFC, this may be the best team.

1.New York Giants.
Eli is playing like a MVP candidate. There is no doubt, this is his team. They are on fire, and I think they have the division, if not the conference in the palm of their hand. Repeat? Maybe...


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    • profile image

      annie gelderman 

      6 years ago

      Excellent analysis! I really like that you started at the bottom and worked your way up. I often read power rankings and lose interest after the top 10 or so. This is the way to do it!


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