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Ryder Cup 2012 - The Scores

Updated on November 4, 2013
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Marian (aka Azure11) has been playing golf for over 20 years and has volunteered as a marshal at quite a number of golf tournaments.

Ryder Cup 2012

So it only seems a short while ago that the European team won the Ryder Cup at Celtic Manor in Wales in a heart stopping final few rounds of golf on a Monday after a rain delay extended the tournament. The Ryder Cup 2010 drew fans of golf into it's exciting format and was one of the best tournaments of the year, if not for a few years. Players were honored to play, golfers wanted to marshal or to go and see it and everyone stopped to watch it on TV.

So, as the tournament alternates between the US and Europe, the Ryder Cup 2012 goes back to the US to be played at Medinah Country Club, Medinah, Illinois between September 25 and 30th 2012. Not only is it the biggest event on the golfing calendar but it is also one of the biggest sporting events of the year in terms of numbers of people who watch it on the TV.

Ryder Cup 2012 Tickets

So if you wanted to get tickets for the Ryder Cup 2012 then unfortunately you are now too late. Ryder cup tickets were available though a random ticket draw that closed on 30th September. Tickets, as for all Ryder cup events, were in great demand. Although only one application was allowed per person and the number of ryder cup tickets you could apply for was limited, the random draw was still oversubscribed. After the end of the application process the draw was made and those who were lucky enough to get tickets were notified, as were those (like myself) who were not lucky.

Daily and weekly ryder cup tickets were available and the prices ranged from $35 for a day ticket to the early days of the Ryder Cup, to $680 for a weekly ticket.

Unfortunately you cannot get tickets on the gate of the Ryder Cup due to the fact that they are sold out. There is a slim chance you can get some tickets with an accommodation package but these are also likely now sold out.

Who is Playing in the Ryder Cup 2012?

So the qualification criteria for each team, the US and Europe, is decided by each of their own golf associations. Competition is hard fought between the top players and in addition to the players who are guaranteed a place because they meet the criteria that is set out, there are also some places available for golfers who have not qualified but who the Captain of the team wants on his Ryder Cup 2012 team.

Each team is made up of 12 players, one team from the USA and one team picked from the European golfers.

Europe Team Captain

Jose Maria Olazabal is the Captain of the European Team.
Jose Maria Olazabal is the Captain of the European Team. | Source

World No 1

Rory McIlroy is the world number 1 and the one everybody wants to beat.
Rory McIlroy is the world number 1 and the one everybody wants to beat.

Tiger Woods' 7th Ryder Cup

Tiger Woods will be playing in his 7th Ryder Cup in 2012.
Tiger Woods will be playing in his 7th Ryder Cup in 2012.

For Europe: The top 5 players from the European Points List and the top five players from the World Points List will be joined by two picks from the Captain, José Maria Olazábal. (this has changed slightly from 2010)

The full team include the Captain's two wildcard picks was announced on 27th August 2012:

Rory McIlroy
Justin Rose
Graeme McDowell
Paul Lawrie
Francesco Molinari
Peter Hanson
Martin Kaymer
Lee Westwood
Sergio Garcia
Luke Donald
Ian Poulter (wildcard)
Nicolas Colsaerts (wildcard)

For the US: Criteria is the same as 2010: The top 8 players on the Ryder Cup Points List plus 4 captains picks (captain is Davis Love III). The points list is finalised after the USPGA which has been concluded and the 4 captain's picks were announced on September 4th. The US Ryder Cup team is therefore as follows (in alphabetical order):

Keegan Bradley
Jason Dufner
Jim Furyk (captain's pick)
Zach Johnson
Dustin Johnson (captain's pick)
Matt Kuchar
Phil Mickelson
Webb Simpson
Brandt Snedeker (captain's pick)
Steve Stricker (captain's pick)
Bubba Watson
Tiger Woods

Who's Out and Who's In Since 2010?

Well for each team there are 4 changes since the last Ryder Cup in 2010 in Wales and they are as follows:


Out: Ross Fisher, Padraig Hamilton, Miguel Angel Jimenez, Edoardo Molinari
In: Justin Rose, Paul Lawrie, Sergio Garcia, Nicolas Colsaerts


Out: Hunter Mahan, Jeff Overton, Stewart Cink, Rickie Fowler
In: Keegan Bradley, Jason Dufner, Webb Simpson, Brandt Snedeker

Ryder Cup Format

The Ryder Cup is a matchplay format which essentially means that either individual players or pairs play against each other in a round of golf and the one who wins the most holes gets the points. That is the simple explanation of the Ryder Cup format - for a more detailed explanation see my article about the Ryder Cup Scoring.

It is played with a few different variations and often goes down to the wire on the last day of play. The team that has the most points over the 4 days play wins the tournament. However, if the teams are equal on score then the Ryder Cup will remain with the team that won it the previous time.

The matches are played in the following format:

Day 1 - Foursomes and Fourballs
Day 2 - Foursomes and Fourballs
Day 3 - Singles

Ryder Cup 2012 - Day 1 Morning Foursomes

Day 1 starts with Foursomes and the pairings are announced the night before - the pairings for the first day are:

First Match
Eur: Rory McIlroy and Graeme McDowell - win 1 up
USA: Jim Furyk and Brandt Snedeker

Second Match
Eur: Luke Donald and Sergio Garcia
USA: Phil Mickleson and Keegan Bradley - win 4&3

Third Match
Eur: Lee Westwood and Francesco Molinari
USA: Jason Dufner and Zach Johnson - win 3 & 2

Fourth Match
Eur: Ian Poulter and Justin Rose - win 2 & 1
USA: Steve Stricker and Tiger Woods

So at the end of the fist session the scores were 2 points each.

Ryder Cup 2012 - Day 1 - Afternoon Fourballs

So the players in the afternoon Fourballs are as follows. Tiger Woods was a bit of a controversial selection as he did not play well at all in the morning match:

Match 1
USA: Bubba Watson and Webb Simpson - won 5 & 4
Eur: Paul Lawrie and Peter Hansen

Match 2
USA: Phil Mickleson and Keegan Bradley - won 2 & 1
Eur: Rory McIlroy and Graeme McDowell

Match 3
USA: Dustin Johnson and Matt Kuchar - won 3 & 2
Eur: Justin Rose and Martin Kaymer

Match 4
USA: Tiger Woods and Steve Stricker
Eur: Lee Westwood and Nicolas Colsaerts - won 1 Up

So after the end of Day 1 the points score was USA: 5 Europe: 3

Ryder Cup 2012 Day 2 - Morning Foursomes

The order of play for the morning Foursomes is as follows:

Match 1
USA: Bubba Watson and Webb Simpson
Eur: Justin Rose and Ian Poulter - won 1 Up

Match 2
USA: Phil Mickleson and Keegan Bradley - won 7 & 6
Eur: Lee Westwood and Luke Donald

Match 3
USA: Jason Dufner and Zach Johnson - won 2 & 1
Eur: Nicolas Colsaerts and Sergio Garcia

Match 4
USA: Jim Furyk and Brandt Snedeker - won 1 Up
Eur: Rory McIlroy and Graeme McDowell

Score at half way through day 2 USA 8 Eur 4

Ryder Cup 2012 Day 2 - Afternoon 4 Balls

Pairings for the Fourballs are as follows:

Match 1
USA: Bubba Watson and Webb Simpson - won 5 & 4
Eur: Justin Rose and Francesco Molinari

Match 2
USA: Dustin Johnson and Matt Kuchar - won 1 Up
Eur: Nicolas Colsaerts and Paul Lawrie

Match 3
USA: Tiger Woods and Steve Stricker
Eur: Sergio Garcia and Luke Donald - won 1 Up

Match 4
USA: Jason Dufner and Zach Johnson
Eur: Rory McIlroy and Ian Poulter - won 1 Up

Score at the end of Day 2 - USA 10 Europe 6

Last Day - Singles Matches

So, with the USA having a 4 point lead, it seemed that Europe would need a miracle to retain the Ryder Cup. They only needed 14 points to retain the trophy were the USA needed 14 1/2 to win it. The singles matches were as follows:

Bubba Watson v Luke Donald 2&1
Webb Simpson v Ian Poulter 1 Up
Keegan Bradley v Rory McIlroy 2&1
Phil Mickleson v Justin Rose 1 Up
Brandt Snedeker v Paul Lawrie 5&3
Dustin Johnson 3&2
v Nicolas Colsaerts
Zach Johnson 2&1 v Graeme McDowell
Jim Furyk v Sergio Garcia 1 Up
Jason Dufner 2 Up v Peter Hansen
Matt Kuchar v Lee Westwood 3&2
Steve Stricker v Martin Kaymer 1 Up
Tiger Woods v Francesco Molinari - All Square

So, it all went down to the last couple of games and was won when Kaymer won his match against Steve Stricker which put Europe on 14 points and thus retaining the trophy.

Final Score - USA 13 1/2 points - Europe 14 1/2 points

Europe win the Ryder Cup again in 2012
Europe win the Ryder Cup again in 2012

Ryder Cup 2014

The Ryder Cup happens every 2 years so the next one is in 2014. You can find out more info on Ryder Cup 2014 here.


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