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South Asia Cricket: Sport or spoil sport?

Updated on November 8, 2011


I dedicate this hub to the Asian cricket fans who are following the game so passionately and helplessly that they are unaware of the time , money and energy they waste to the negative cause of the spoilsport of the cricket boards of the region.

Barren History

Lords of England had their own reason to play cricket.

Indian subcontinent has no natural setting for the game in its traditional attire.

Recent cropping and styling to one-day and 20 overs versions have done minimum justice.

IPL bull vs ICL bear

KapilDev .the poor guy in terms of wit had the opportunity of mustering up the rusty erect of the inundated ICL to fool himself for the last time hopefully in his ex-cricket-life.

The sole shrewd attitude the BCCI, in its dark history of spoil sporting with cricket internationally ,had shown was the inception of the IPL.

The fate of Indian Cricket was UN changeable!

IPL has erupted many times with every state of the art foul round the corner

Gavaskar's googlie

The news on nov2,2010 : BCCI charges the little master of demanding Rs.20 crores
'kick' from IPL.

While on strike on a 'buck' y wicket master dwindles from little. This time it turned out to be a pitch of uneven bounce. He keeps a googlie handy for the opponents innings.


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