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Updated on March 27, 2012

Become a football player

OH! You want to become a PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL PLAYER? I hope this is not a facile decision. Football is an amazing career and it requires great values before states of exquisite standards can be attained. To be honest, when you log on to your Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and other social networks accounts, and you search up the names of football stars, you feel a passion for excellence within you, when you see how many followers, friends, fans, well wishers present in their database. You feel more hunger for greatness. Everyone wants to be associated with them, get their autographs, say something about them, die for a Retweet or comment and what have you. To some people, this might be a source of inspiration. Apart from the ‘Fame scenario’, you know they earn fat salaries as well with great incentives and bonuses and billions of people around the world are dying to watch them play even to the extent that some fans evince violence when it comes to football conflicts. I heard of a particular violence that struck out in Nigeria in 2008 amidst fans of Manchester united and Chelsea FC due to the champion’s league final; which claimed some lives. It’s amazing to know the length the world would go just for your sake if you succeed.

Now let’s talk about your trip to success. Ask yourself the following questions before you board this train of a lifetime.

· Am I talented in this field?

Listen up, if you are not talented in this field, I may as well advise you to take your leave now, because your talent goes a long way down to your success in this career. If you are not talented, not to worry, you can continue, so long as you correspond to the other values. I am used to saying this “You could be a Born-Talent in or you could make yourself a Talent in a field.” It doesn’t mean that only people with ‘default gift’ of footballing will make it. You can also train yourself to be a better talent in football.

· Am I passionate about this career and the game?

Talented or not talented, you need a great deal of passion in this career. You know what, this is what will quench your thirst, conquer your Hunger, and answer your questions when you begin to face the ups and downs of the career. Like every other field, success in football has its teething problems and so you must be intrepid to overcome your moments of ambivalence. Digest this fact, ‘Passion is what will keep you going in this journey’.

· Can I devote my whole being to this career?

If you are passionate, you will be able to devote everything that is called ‘you’ to this career.

· Am I joining because of the benefits in the first paragraph?

Please don’t do that. When you love a lady for example, and the only things you like about her is the colour of her hair (maybe blonde) and her legs, then it implies that when she dyes her hair to another colour and her legs are amputated, you will like nothing more to like about her and so your love for her will be zero. If you dive into this career solely because of that, then “sorry mate, you have lost it”. What of times when you will not be getting high salaries and incentives? Times when things will not be looking too ‘Rosy’ for you? Will you back out then after all time and effort spent? Please do not ensnare yourself into an ignominious situation. Those facts are there to inspire you, for there will be times when your spirit will be weak to go on; they are there to encourage you in times when your rewards are discouraging. So, picture the facts in the first paragraph as sources of inspiration and encouragement to buoy your dreams and nurture your career.

If you have responded positively to the aforementioned tips, then, welcome aboard, tighten your seat belts and I wish you an eventful, successful and amazing flight to ‘Success Island’. In my immediate article ‘The football career; Actualizing your dreams to become a Professional’, I explained vividly, how to acquire your greatest potentials in football, the ups and downs of the football career, how to overcome some itches that you might encounter along the way, and an exclusive look into the career of one of the paragons of the football career and everything you can gain from his experience. I am sure you need that extra enlightenment about success in your Football Career. Read up, act on the tips and one of these days, you might be displaying your FIFA world Best player Award. SUCCESS!!!!


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    • profile image

      Brain 3 years ago

      Im 21yrs Soccer star frm Pretoria,My dreams is To Be a proffetional Soccer player.i paid lots of money To the agents but nothng happen.i need help from You.