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Should the Senators Sign Jagr?

Updated on August 8, 2017
Jaromir Jagr
Jaromir Jagr

Free agent Jaromir Jagr, a legend in hockey. However, he still remains without a job. The main reason for that is his age.

Though his speed may not be at the same level as the majority of the league, at 45, Jagr has an unbelievable presence of mind on the ice, a strong skill-set, and a huge heart. Even at the age of 45, he was one of the best players on Florida. Look at some of the impactful players in the league. Not all of them have tremendous speed. For example, Mark Stone, not the fastest, but he has skill, heart, and great hockey IQ, just like Jagr. We'll talk about that soon. So for Jaromir, age won't ruin his hockey just yet.

Debuting in 1990, Jagr has played for 8 different teams, first with the Penguins, and most recently with the Panthers. Although he's played for a fair share of teams, which ever team you put him on, he is dedicated to that team, he will do everything in his ability to help that team succeed. Along with 26 seasons in the NHL, comes a lot of experience. That could help the Sens.

Jaromir is most likely not asking for much money. Jagr's previous contract with Florida, earned him an annual average value of $5.515 million. Now that he is a free agent and has not received many offers as of early August, Jagr may even be desperate to sign a contract, and most likely wont ask for much.

That's only some of the pros of signing Jagr, but know lets talk about how he would be a good fit on the Senators. When you look at the Sens, it's mostly young players that are in their primes, now they're no Maple Leafs with their young age, but just like the Maple Leafs signed Marleau to add experience, the Sens should do the same with Jagr. When you add Jagr's hockey abilities that I mentioned earlier, and his experience, he is still a good asset to have on any team.

Mark Stone, not the fastest of skaters, but one of the best on the Sens because of his hockey intelligence, his skills, and and his dedication. Jaromir Jagr, not the fastest of skaters, but one of the best on every team he's played for because of his hockey intelligence, his skills, and his dedication. Almost identical. I think if you put Stone and Jagr on the same line, they could compliment each other very well, much like Kane and Panarin.

Jaromir Jagr will be a part of hockey history forever, it would be nice for the Sens to be a part of that, and his legendary career.

So he seems like he would be a good signing, if the Sens were to play it smart. If it doesn't work out before March, then they could try to trade him. (Obviously, he would only sign a one year deal). Did I miss anything? Do you disagree? Let me know in the comments on my Instagram posts! Thanks for reading.

August 8, 2017.

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