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STUTZIE Bass Killer-Artificial Crank Bait Worm

Updated on May 17, 2012
STUTZIE Crank Bait
STUTZIE Crank Bait
STUTZIE Weedless Cut Tail
STUTZIE Weedless Cut Tail

The STUTZIE Bass Killer has many great success stories, in fact over 30 years of success.

You may never have herd of a STUTZIE but just ask a pro bass angler from North Indiana and they will tell you all about the STUTZIE.

These artificial crank baits are very thin super soft floating worms. They provide a very natural feel and action that just can’t be obtained by other thicker and harder plastic worms.

Ever pro has a few secrets up their sleeve as they too have days when the strikes are few and far between. Across the Midwest the STUZIE Crank Bait Worm has been one those secrets.

The STUTZIE has had limited exposure as it is made by the Amish. Over the years it has gravitated to local bait shops across Indiana, Michigan and into Ohio.

Cottage Craft Works goes deep into the Amish back roads and forms long standing relationship with these Amish businesses they are one of the only back-to-back stores that are really bringing these types of items out into the open market place for others to purchase and enjoy.

The options of plastic worms as crank baits are very overwhelming; many look all the same with varied pricing. As soon as you see and touch a STUZIE you will realize this is very different and unique artificial worm. It Measures less than a ¼ thick and 5” long making the STUTZIE much smaller than the other crank baits on the market. This makes the STUTZIE even more realistic to bass.

Each STUZIE worm is hand poured and rigged in an Amish shop with a hand tied 12lb test Stern leader with Mustard hooks. STUTZIE is available in two hook sizes-the Original Series with a #8 hook or the Tournament Series with a #6 hook.

Many think the hooks are just too small however, the pros know that a smaller hook becomes deadly when things are slow and bass are more hesitant to strike. Just general curiosity catches them as these tiny sharp hooks are like a black berry bush to humans.

You can read more about the success of the STUZIE at these links;

The STUZIE comes in 23 different colors and 2 hook sizes. There is even a STUTZIE-Weedless-Cut-Tail- Artificial-Crank-Bait for those weedy ponds and lakes.

The STUZIE are sold on a card of 12 and the STUZIE Cut Tail are sold in bags of 6. Both can be purchased at Cottage Craft


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