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Summertime Memories Shared By Sam Tumblin

Updated on August 5, 2015

Sam Tumblin Summertime Memories

Whenever it gets real hot around this time of year I get kind of nostalgic over the memories of my life past, present and the comings and goings of activities that summertime may bring.

I really love the summer it always have been a great time to spend the season with family, friends and the ones you love. Often times this involves traveling to visit other members at various locations especially because many friends and relatives do not live within walking or short driving distance. The funny part about traveling when going a distance is sometimes it can be uncomfortable. But when you look back on the moments and memories they are unforgettable or as the old saying “PRICELESS”.

Many times when I go back thru or down memory lane inside my mind I think of what I like to call the good old times. The reason why I say that is because whenever I slip off like this it always reminds me of the much simpler times.

You might ask me how so? To answer that question it is evident in a lot of the activities that I hold dear that was done. These activities included everything from sack racing, checkers, horse shoes, volleyball…in other words it was good clean fun. Now don’t get it twisted music was always bumping in moderation in the background. I think I can still hear summertime by Will Smith Playing!

Something else I always remember about summertime other than those active events was all that good food and sweets to stuff my face with.

One of those food items that stood out was the smell of that bar b que grill going on an old rusted pit or the classic Old Smokey just chocking any and every one up in the vicinity. “By the way I still keep an Old Smokey on the side and still chocking up the neighbors”!

In general the whole grilling memory makes me think of my uncle Robert who passed away from Houston Texas. Robert by the way was affectionately nicknamed “Junior”. When we would visit when we were kids my mom would always ask him “Junior Why Is Your Bar B Que So Good?” he would reply “Put A Little Nasty To It!

I always laugh when I think about that and always wondered what Uncle Junior meant by “Put A Little Nasty To It?” Now that I’m older and of course I do Bar b que I understand what he was trying to say. He meant to take your time and do it right… let that basting sauce stick to the meat, by doing that you would have done “Put A Little Nasty To It” and in the bellies and finger tips who’s licking them.

Another traveling memory that comes to mind when I think back was when me and my sister traveled with our parents to Virginia. We made this trip a couple of times and from Louisiana to Norfolk Virginia there is no need to say the amount of hours it took I’m sure you can guesstimate.

Just think can you imagine all those exhausting nursery rhymes such as the “Itsy Bitsy Spider” and “Old McDonald” songs? We would sing those and A B C’s backwards and forward. Maybe it was at that point I started stringing lyrics and poetry together just to shake “An oink oink here”… “An oink oink there”… “E… …I… E… I… Ohhh”!

I think what really stood out on that long ride to and from Norfolk Virginia was when we would pass thru Kings Mountain in North Carolina. It was such a beautiful massive scene in the eyes of a child. I could just see myself running out the car at break neck speed toward the base of the mountains trying to scale it to the summit. What site it was…I can still see that red dirt and the sun peeking over the top of Kings Mountain.

I always said and promised myself that I got to make it back there and really explore and take in the scenery of that area. Now that I’m an adult unfortunately just too busy now to satisfy that curiosity, but believe me it’s definitely on my to do list with other destinations in mind.

I guess you can tell my summertime stories can go on and on and really they can. I always had fond memories as a child and adult of this season and hope to have many more.



Sam Tumblin Cooking On Old Smokey

Sam Tumblin Presents/Old McDonald

Sam Tumblin Presents/Kings Mountain (1)

Sam Tumblin Presents/King Mountain (2)

Sam Tumblin Presents/King Mountain (3)

Sam Tumblin Presents/ Kings Mountain (4)


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    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 2 years ago from Oklahoma

      I think one of the reasons so many of us love the summer is that we associate vacation and family with it. On top of that, just the sun being out has a positive effect on us after a long winter.

      Enjoyed your reminiscences.