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Sabiki Rigs for Bait Fish

Updated on June 3, 2015

Sabiki Rig

I have been fishing for years but I just now started fishing the deep blue seas of the gulf of Mexico. The Sabiki rig is sometimes called a piscatore rig and it consist of several small hooks each one tired on individual lines that are tired onto a main leader. At the top of the leader is a swivel and the bottom has weight tired to it. The individual hooks are decorated to look like flies that are used in fly fishing. The color of the hooks on the rigs that I use are bright orange or bright green. Fishing the gulf in my area the water is usually green so the bright orange works better for me. Using a Sabiki rig can save you a lot of time and can catch many bait fish at one time. I can usually fill my bait container in a short period of time using these rigs.

Finding Bait Fish

The key to the success of filling your bait container is finding the right spot where the bait fish are hiding. If you are using a sonar or fish finder look for large dark clouds on your screen. Check areas that you know where sunken ship wrecks are found, around bridge pilings, or reefs, these are excellent areas for finding bait fish.

When you find out where these fish are cast out your Sabiki rig and jig it slowly through the schools of fish. After a couple of jigs leave it sit and rest, usually the first bite after you stop jigging. Once you feel the first bite, be patient and don't try setting the hook, wait a few seconds and then reel in a few feet of line and then let if sit again. After a few more seconds have gone by slowly reel in the entire line and rig.

Sabiki Bait Fish Rigs

I find using a Sabiki rig for catching bait fish much better than using a cast net. With the Sabiki Rig the bait fish tend to live longer. The rig uses such small hooks that the fish usually don't swallow the hook, and it hooks the fish in the opening of the mouth. While a cast net tends to injure the fish by catching the fish in the gills. Once you learn the technique of casting and retrieving the Sabiki Rig you will find yourself using this method of filling your bait holder with bait fish more than using a cast net or a bait fish trap.

At first you will get frustrated with the rig getting the small hooks caught on your pants, shirt, boat and etc. until you are use to using the rig. I myself will put on a small piece of gulf, or frozen shrimp on the hooks just to entice the fish a little faster.

But trust me, once you have mastered the technique of using the Sabiki you will find that you will be using it all the time.

How to use a Sabiki Rig

How to make a Sabiki Rig


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