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Sachin Tendulkar-The GOD of International cricket

Updated on October 11, 2013
Sachin with wife Dr.Anjali
Sachin with wife Dr.Anjali | Source
Sara-Sachin's pet daughter
Sara-Sachin's pet daughter

Don Broadman of india

Retires from one day match

Now it is the hot hews that the don of Indian cricket-Sachin TendulkarHas bade 'Good-bye' one-day cricket,much to the appreciation by some and bringing sadness to some others.But his record in One-day cricket is going to remain for long.Nobody in the world has made so many records as he has done,in the past 22 years of his career.He has scored 49 centuries in one-day matches.Sachin has played 452 innings,remained 'Not-Out' in 41 among them.He has hit 2015boundaries in these 452 matches,199 sixes,and had 140 catches.This record is very difficult to beat.

Announces retirement after 200th test.

Now the great Sachin, a legend forever, has announced that he would retire after his 200th test in November, 2013.It pains millions all over the world, but one day it had to happen. His brief statement announcing his departure is the testimony of his simplicity and dedication to cricket and to his country.

Cricketer as MP.

Sachin is nominated to Indian parliament as the Member of the upper House i.e. Rajya Sabha.He also has taken oath.Let's see the achievements of this great cricketer,whose nomination is one of the right choices by the present Indian Government.

Sachin Tendulkar,who is now accepted by the whole world as the cricketer without any comparison,is revered by many as the 'God of Cricket', as his behavior,both on the ground and outside, is that of a role model.He has broken almost every record in the world of cricket, except that of Jack Hobbes' record of 197 first grade cricket centuries.

He has just on Nov.8th, created another record-of crossing 15,000 runs in test cricket!So far,his score in test cricket is 15045 runs( apart from one day and twenty-twenty scores)


Father, Mr.Ramesh Tendulkar was a famous Litterateur in Marathi.His home 'Sahitya Sahavas' at East Bandra in Mumbai, was the early practice place for Sachin when he was a boy.He was affectionately called 'Chotu' i.e. dwarf, by elders. His brothers are Nitin, and Ajith. Savitha is his sister.AS everybody knows, Dr. Anjali,pediatrician,is his wife. He has two loving children.By the grace of God, he is happy in his personal life.his life is a blessed one.Very decent in his personal life , Sachin ha staken care that no controversy grows to a higher level. He has not answered many criticisms against him, which came when he failed in his innings.

Early cricket

His coach, Mr. Ramakanth Achrekar was the most popular coach during those days. Even now he is enjoying the achievement of his celebrated trainee.

His talent was first identified by Dilip Sardesai who was then in Indian cricket team.But first opportunity to play for Mumbai was provided by Dilip Vengsarkar.

Entry into tests

Ever since he entered into international cricket,he is known for his dedicated playing. He never bothers about records.But records come his way.

When he played against Pak in 1989,he was just 16 years old then( Sunil Gavaskar was also 16 years old when he entered test cricket against West indies),his batting with bleeding nose , against the celebrated bowler Waquar yunis,had sent all viewers wonder struck.

In 1990, in Manchester test against England,17 year old Sachin terrified all British bowlers. He hit his century then.

In 1992,on the difficult pitch at Perth, Australia,he scored 114, at a faster rate.

In the decade 1990-2000, he hit 22 centuries,In1998, he got unbeaten 155 against Aussies in the 2nd innings of test In Chennai.Mark Taylor was the captain then.

He taught many technics to Veerendra Shehwag, who is now another backbone of Indian cricket.

Sir,Donald Broadman himself wondered by Sachin's play and invited him to hoin him on his 90th birthday.


Now being Seriously considered for 'Bharath Rathna'-the topmost civic award given by India,Sachin has been awarded with many prestigious awards of his country.Some of them are -Padma Vibhushana,Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna,Arjun award, etc.

Important milestone records

In test cricket

1highest score in test cricket -15045 runs

2 First cricketer to cross 10,000 runs

3 First cricketer to cross 15,000 runs

4 Second highest test cricket player to play 182 tests so far.

5 First cricketer to hit 50 centuries in international cricket.

In one-day international

1 scored highest runs ( nearly 17,800)

2 Highest centuries in one day-48

3 dismissed at 90,highest number of times- 18

4 Highest number of 'Man of the Match' award-61

5 Highest no. of half centuries-90

6 Second player to play highest no. of O.Ds- 445

7 Has managed 200 runs partnership in O.Ds 6 times

Some other records

1 Sachin-Dravid partnership of 331 runs against New Zealand in 1999, is a world record.

2 Sachin -Ganguli has the world record of scoring highest partnership for the first wicket.Totally 6271 runs in 128 plays.

3. Sachin -Ganguli have played first wicket partnership 20 times. This is another world record.

4 Sachin has been awarded 'Man of the Match ' award 55 times.India has lost only 5 plays among these.

5 He is the only cricketer in India to hit century in the very first matches of -Ranji, Dulip trophy and Irani trophies.

Now ,only record his fans are looking for is- in 100th century( including tests and O.D s).

It was expected that he may achieve it at Feroz Shah Kotla ground (Delhi), in Nove-2011. But he could reach 76 mark only. But,that doesn't bothers him. He will do it.

Created long expected record

At last, recently, on 16th March 2012, Sachin Tendulkar created the history by hitting his 100th Century against Bangladesh, while playing one-day test match. He hit 114 in that ODI.

Now, a section of people are saying 'it is better if Sachin retires now.It is high time for him.'

But Sachin has sharply reacted to this saying-"I know when to retire. I can play much for the country still. those who suggest me to retire, have neither taught me cricket, nor have included me in the national team."

Only talents like Sachin can say this.

Because, Sachin is born to play cricket

( Any statistical error may kindly be brought to my notice. I am open for correction)


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