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Sachin's Double Century; History Redefined by the GOD of Cricket

Updated on February 15, 2013

24.02.2010 never forget this day, A Great Indian has added 2 big '0' s after a little '2' for the first time. Now everyone is a zero in front of this little hero. It was 4 years ago that many were criticizing this India's or even world's ever greatest cricketing phenomenon and were arguing that it is time for him to retire. They thought that repeated injury and constant wear and tear due to his prolonged international career has made him unfit and he can never be the old Sachin, who was the nightmare of any good bowler that time. But this warrior with never ending ambition and hunger for runs has magically come back with a stunning sequence of performances in last 2 years. And finally he achieved one of the most eagerly awaited milestone after 40 years and 2961 matches since ODI was commenced. Yes 'It was not anwar's inability and poor coventry's bad luck that they didn't reach 200, the cricket horoscope was already written to gift it's greatest ODI achievement to the greatest batsman ever in ODI.

'I have seen GOD, he bats for India at no. 4 in tests' these are the words of one of the most talented Aussies batsman Mathew Hayden. This shows not only his fans but co-players also regard him as GOD of cricket.It is always a feast to the eyes, watching Him play those shots, and He plays every shot in the book and a few more that only He can. When the opposition sets a tight packed field on offside for sachin and bowl on offside, he will just walk across and play it on onside. And if he wants to play on offside itself, he will play it through the gap for sure, irrespective of the number of fielders there. What makes him different? Is it his stable balance? Is it great technical perfections? Is it his hard work and practice? Or is it his great dedication and love to this game along with hunger for runs?. Answer may be all of the above, and that is why Sachin is perfection.

Two times master reached close to 200 in recent years. This time he made it and it was such a fear less and flawless innings that the bowlers were unarmed fully. They tried pace, bounce, fuller, yorker, spin, turn everything they have got, but were punished ruthlessly. It was almost like eating a special 8 course meal watching that innings. It was a shining beacon of perseverance in the face of crawling in-capacitance. The master was in such a tremendous form that he rotated the bat like an ear bud and boundaries were flying all over the ground. He never reduced the pace of scoring and kept rotating strike, led the fight as the commander and didn't gave any chance to the bowlers. Shane warne said 'I am lucky, that I don't bowl to him today'.

This was definitely not a surprising move from the master. 105*,16,143,7,100,106,4,200, these are Sachin's scores in the last 10 games. Just goes to show the kind of form He is currently in. In the last year, at his age of 36, Sachin topped 50 in 16 occasions and 10 times he made century, better than any twenty year old playing today in the world arena. And on this occasion He reached the land mark by facing only 9 deliveries of last 30 balls.He was calm even in the last over. This is the main change that occurred in sachin in recent years,he is more calm and cool than he ever was. And this enables him to keep going.

Pitch map to Sachin in his double century

Here is the pitch map to Sachin in his great 200*. It shows how hard the bowlers worked to get him out. They bowled much shorter than half way down, fullers at the knee height, and many good length deliveries ,slower, quicker , but he hammered everything to boundaries.

Sachin's stats against each bowler shows how he dominated each.

30 runs against Langveldt in 29 deliveries

20 against Duminy in 17

37 in 31 against Dale Steyn, perhaps the best pace bowler in  world now.

43 in 32 against Van der merve

24 in 15 against Kallis

46 in 24 against Parnell.

There was no bowler in the squad who was punished at a strike rate below 100. And down there is wagon wheel of Sachin in this innings. And there is no area of the ground where the ball has not been fired. It's the evidence of excellence and the proof of ultimate domination over one of the best bowling side in the world, that include number 1 test bowler!!

Wagon Wheel

There is no other batsman in the history of cricket who really deserves to adorn this record other than Tendulkar, the king of cricket. In India Sachin is a National treasure. He becomes more and more humble in each achievement, and his feat is only glorified by his humility and his childlike greed for more. There have been many criticisms against Sachin like he is not a match winner and all, but every time he responded only with his bat, he holds the record for highest no. of man of the match, is that an award given to the worst player in match? Another complaint was he is not performing in finals. But Sachin holds the record for greatest no. of centuries in final.And he has greatest no. of centuries against Australia and has scored more centuries in foreign than in india. Still some find it good to criticize the best.Whatever it may be Sachin has been answering it for 20 years and especially in last 2 years he is shutting the mouth of his every critic only through his splendid performance. And Ultimately through this performance he has proved that there is only one king in cricket and that is Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. And if he kept going at this rate he can complete 100 100s in this year itself and we can dream world Cup!!.

Tendulkar has not merely been a cricketer but a symbol of sustained excellence, not just a role model but a metaphor for his country's aspirations; not just a sporting genius but a sociological phenomenon. The pressure, the burden of expectations he has had to endure throughout his career, finds no parallel in this sport, or this country's ethos. At 36, in his 21st year in the game, he has been playing with the enthusiasm of a 16-year-old again.It is true to say 'GOD wanted to play cricket and a Tendulkar was born'. After watching this great innings I felt like there is reason in this world, reason for everything, reason for existence,reason to love,reason to fight, reason to stand tall when you are only 5'4'". Similar will be the emotions passed through the mind of billions of Indians. We are proud to be Indian,Salute you Sir. Sach is power, Sach is Genius, Sach is class, Sach is life. Hail Sachin.

Sach is Life..


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    • profile image

      saswathy 6 years ago

      It was the day of my 13th birthday.How lucky Iam

    • tanshir profile image

      tanshir 7 years ago from chittagong,bangladesh

      A great feature about Sachin's heroic performance. I also love this guy. We proud for this, Because he is a asian guy.

    • maxx2010 profile image

      maxx2010 7 years ago

      im blssed