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Sacramento Kings Fans: It's Time To Come Home

Updated on May 2, 2013
Come Home Kings Fan
Come Home Kings Fan

The Time is Now

Being in a bad relationship is difficult. You don't want to get too close in fear of getting hurt. You don't want to commit in fear of having that commitment mocked. You figure why should you try so hard if the other side isn't trying at all. After all the good years when you were told that you are loved you feel you have now just been thrown aside. You feel used. You feel unappreciated. You feel that you do not matter.

Yes, you are a Sacramento Kings fan.

Yes, these clowns lied. Get over it.
Yes, these clowns lied. Get over it.

It Is Not You, It is Them

Sacramento Kings Fans have been given the shaft by the former owners for years. The Maloof family undermined a vote in 2006 for a tax to help pay for an arena. They did this by prancing around on a television commercial flaunting their "riches." They backed out of arena talks after arena talks and refused to negotiate. They tried to move the team in secret to Anaheim, negotiated in secret with the likes of Virginia Beach and Las Vegas and now are trying to sell the team to a group that intends to move it to Seattle. All the while they claimed to be committed to Sacramento and its fans. They kept telling fans they loved him. They kept ticket prices high while keeping the team's performance low. They cut back on services while claiming to be trying. Yes. They Lied. Yes, they tarnished their family name and forever they will be a joke in Northern California. They burned a bridge and will never be able to come back over.

In the End, This is about us.
In the End, This is about us.

It is Not About "Them" Anymore

So many fans I know stay away because they don't want to give the Maloofs another dollar. They don't want to care about a team where the owners don't care about them. The fact is there are so many valid reasons to stay away that it is a wonder anybody supports this franchise anymore.

But here is the point: IT'S NOT ABOUT THEM ANYMORE.

The Maloofs are out. Yes, they will get their money but rest assured they will blow it and they will become unknowns again. But they are out. There is 1 month left in this season and even though they technically own the team: IT'S NOT ABOUT THEM ANYMORE.

The next month is about us. The Fans. The people of Sacramento. The people of the Sacramento Valley. From Elk Grove to Lincoln, Folsom to Davis, this is about us. We have one month to celebrate who we are and what we are capable of. We are capable of great things and we have 1 month to show the world. And they are watching.

So come home Kings fans. Come back. Love once again. Because in the end, win or lose, we will stand together. We will cheer together. And we will cry together. But we will not let some wanna be playboys and their surgically enhanced ethically challenged sister take THIS away from us anymore. We will do it because it is WHAT WE WANT TO DO and it is how WE WANT THIS TO END. Nobody asked us how we wanted this to end. Nobody cared about our opinion. SO WE WILL TELL THE WORLD HOW ITS ENDS WITH US STANDING TOGETHER.

And in the end, when this community comes together, nobody can take that away from us. And I believe when this community stands together, nobody can stop us. So come home. You are welcome again and your family is waiting.


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    • bgpappa profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Sacramento, California

      Very good points penlady. Thanks for stopping by.

    • penlady profile image


      5 years ago from Sacramento, CA

      It's great to have such a high spirited Sacramento resident and King fan as you. I'm not a sports fan, but you're right; this our team.

      So, GO AWAY and STAY AWAY, MACROOKS! You're not welcome in our hometown anymore. Leave our team with us in Sacramento, where they belong.


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