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Sage Fly Reels

Updated on March 18, 2011

Sage is a company synonymous with fly fishing. From fly rods, lines and reels Sage has been making quality fly fishing gear for many many years. One of the essential (arguable the most important) is having a good quality reel that can handle your desired fishing element.

Fortunately there is a reel made by Sage for just about any condition and any budget. Sage manufactureres 25 different fly reels in several different series of professional grade fly reels including:

6000 Series - A big fish reel designed to resist the elements. Models can hold 6 weight on up to 12 weight fly lines with loads of backing.

4500 Series - A lite weight reel with high gearing. Can go from 4 to 9 weight lines.

4500CF Series - Same overall design as the 4500 series but the spool is made from extremely lite carbon fiber materials.

3800CF Series

Click Series - Designed for ultra lite fly fishing. the Click I model handles 0/00/000 fly lines. If you need super delicate tippets and perfect fly presentation look no further than a Click.

2000 Series - 2000 series reels offer a good price performance combination and are made from aluminum.

1800 Series

1600 Series - The entry level Sage fly reel designed for fly lines in the 4 to 9 weight ranges and one to two hundred yard of fly line backing.

Choosing The Right Sage Fly Reel

When choosing a fly fishing reel there are several factors you need to take into consideration to make sure you pick the appropriate reel including drag, materials and size.

First off you need to take a look at the material used to build the reel. What type of fishing do you plan to do? If you are going to be doing salt water fishing you will need a metal reel made from material that won't corrode in the salt water environment. If you do plan to fish saltwater check out the Sage 6000 series of reels.

Drag is another important factor. Ideally you want something with an adjustable disc drag made from graphite. This cannot be stated enough, when you hook into the fish of a lifetime you want to be sure the drag system on your fly reel can hold up to big pulls and tugs but be gentle enough not break the line!

Size is the last important component to consider. Fly reels are rated for the size of fly line you will be fishing with and the spool is sized appropriately. So while it's possible to stuff 9 weight fly line onto a reel designed to handle 5 weight it may not all fit onto the spool properly once you add on an ample amount of backing.

You will also want to consider purchasing one or more extra spools. Unlike cheap models of fly reels all Sage reels have interchangeable spools that you can purchase. You simply pop one off and put on another one. This makes it easy to change your fly line from floating to sinking or different line weights without having to wind the line back onto the reel.

Cleaning Your Sage Reel


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