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Saltwater Fishing Lures

Updated on March 14, 2011

Through a lot of trial and error and good counseling from more experienced fishermen than I am, I’ve narrowed down the many saltwater fishing lures that one can collect over the years. Every time a new lure comes out in the market used to catch a particular fish species one tends to buy it and pretty soon you’ll have drawers full of them at home and a small fortune invested.

Of “only” the 40 or so saltwater fishing lures that I possess, (I know folks who got hundreds of them) whenever I go out fishing with the buddies of course, I don´t take them all, these following saltwater fishing lures are the ones that I mostly take with me knowing that bluefish and seabass usually tend to feed on sardine or mackerel.

  • Tobimaru Sardine, the original. Nowadays It´s hard to get this original lure version. With 27grams it´s a good caster and one of the saltwater fishing lures that has ever caught more Bluefish and Seabass.

  • Storm Popper. When there’s not too much current and the water is almost flat, it´s a good lure to get those seabass from the bottom to the surface.

Warning: These lures are not new! They have already caught their share!

Tobimaru Sardine original
Tobimaru Sardine original
Storm Popper
Storm Popper
Maria Miss Carna maquerel
Maria Miss Carna maquerel
Maria Miss Carna sardine
Maria Miss Carna sardine
Tobimaru Sardine with specs
Tobimaru Sardine with specs
Tobimaru Sardine without specs
Tobimaru Sardine without specs
Lazer Eye sardine
Lazer Eye sardine
Bomber Long A
Bomber Long A
Aile Magnet maquerel
Aile Magnet maquerel
Repainted Tobimaru
Repainted Tobimaru
Repainted Tobimaru
Repainted Tobimaru
  • Maria Miss Carna Mackerel. Excellent for surface feeding. This lure makes a zig-zag motion when reeled in and with 40grams it´s a good caster.
  • Maria Miss Carna Sardine. Just like the above, this sardine lure has hoisted quite a few good Bluefish.
  • Tobimaru Sardine with specs. Not the original but very close. On this lure as you can see just above the middle hook I´ve installed an extra rattler. It´s makes extra noise when reeled in and it has been a good catcher.
  • Tobimaru Sardine without specs. Just like the above and with an extra rattler fit in.
  • Lazer Eye Sardine. 30 gram lure that is a good and long caster. The right shade of blue on top with the yellow area behind the eye makes this lure very authentic for Bluefish and Seabass. A winner, just look at the fish bites that it has as medals.
  • Bomber Long “A”. This lure can take bites after bites and still look new.
  • Aile Magnet Mackerel. This 26gram lure is a good caster due to its magnetic weight transferring system. Sinks about a meter when reeled in and does attract a lot of Bluefish and Seabass.
  • Repainted Tobimaru´s. Lures after so many catches especially from Bluefish teeth and bumps on the rocks or water breakers, they lose their appearance and you can’t tell if it’s a sardine lure, mackerel or whatever.

So I instead of just retiring them, I give them a new but different paint job. Yes, I had buddies of mine laughing at this, but soon their grins where wiped out of their faces when these repainted veterans brought in the big ones. Who´s laughing now guys?


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    • nelson soares profile imageAUTHOR

      nelson soares 

      8 years ago from Sunny Algarve

      Thanks TurtleDog, I´ve been making nice catches lately with the sardine lures!

    • TurtleDog profile image


      8 years ago

      Thanks for the hub. Caught this on shetoldme. I just spent a summer fishing in NJ. I wish I tried some of these. Will use this in future for some lure ideas. Thanks!

    • nelson soares profile imageAUTHOR

      nelson soares 

      8 years ago from Sunny Algarve

      Those bomber lures can take a pounding and just keep on going!

      Thanks mdsons!

    • mdsons profile image


      8 years ago

      nice hub - I have a bomber Long A that has been put through the ringer and like you said it's still as good as new - and over 5 years old!!

      Here's a link to some of the best saltwater fishing rods available today


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