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Saltwater Fishing Rods-Know How to Choose the Best Saltwater Fishing Rod for Your Needs

Updated on March 14, 2011

Saltwater fishing rods are manufactured in various materials pending their uses, types of fishing and fish that you intend to catch! With the hundreds of brands of saltwater fishing rods manufacturers, multiply by dozens of options given on rods by each manufacturer, choosing the right saltwater fishing rod for you can be a mind boggling event!

Getting the most expensive rod at first is not a bright idea, then again if you choose the cheapest one in your local fishing supply store you could be in for a very big disappointment!

Be honest with yourself about your own personal fishing experience and choose from the many saltwater fishing rods available, the one that most matches your fishing skills at this very moment!

Saltwater fishing rods action types
Saltwater fishing rods action types
  • Bambu – Probably the first material ever to be used to build a fishing rod since ancient times! Nowadays these are specially hand crafted and could fetch up to a few thousand dollars! Great care is necessary in handling these rods!
  • Fiber Glass – Very economical and durable rods, can adapt to most types of fishing.
  • Graphite – They are very sensitive and strong! Not too cheap to buy!
  • Carbon – They are light and more resistant, still a bit expensive!

Take into serious consideration the length of the saltwater fishing rods you are choosing from! Is your main fishing going to be from a boat or are you planning to do some beach surfcasting? In a boat you don´t have much space and you could just drop your baited line while on a beach you will be needing a much longer fishing rod so you´ll be able to make longer casts over the breaking waves!

Fishing rod tip action

Saltwater fishing rods tip action refers to the different ways a rod bends when your prized fish is nibbling away at your bait or even when it’s hooked! Extra fast action rods will bend only the tip of the rod! These are the most sensitive rods available. While a slow action rod will bend most of its length making it a less sensitive rod for you to notice hooked fish!

Rod Power

Rod power is the rod's ability and strength to lift the maximum recommended weight from the tip. Power is directly joined to the recommended line weight capability. This maximum weight value is stamped close to the handle.

Casting capacity

Saltwater fishing rods come in various casting capacities meaning the lowest and highest possible weight used to perform a good and efficient cast! The maximum weight that a rod can be cast with is usually stamped on the handle, if you happen to cast more that the recommended maximum weight you could snap the rods tip!

Fishing rod responsiveness

When saltwater fishing rods are bent with a hooked fish they store what is called kinetic energy! Responsiveness is how quick the rod bends back to its normal form! If you´re going to be doing a lot of casting then keep in mind fishing rod responsiveness!

Guides or eyelets

These are metal rings in the shape of an “O” that are place along the length of the rod! This guides the line during casting and it distributes the weight and stress along the whole length of the rod when reeling in a fish. The inside of these guides are finished in ceramic thus reducing line wear!


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