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San Franciso Giants are the World Champions

Updated on November 1, 2010

The most improbable Champions

Tonight we saw baseball prove once again that pitching wins short series. We also saw a team which lacks a star in the field positions. The closest we to a star is Buster Posey, the 24 year old catcher.

Let's look at the team the Giants put on the field. In the outfield, they had Cody Ross, claimed off waivers in mid season; Pat Burrell who was drummed out of the Phillies organization and Aaron Rowand, who had been riding the bench because of lack of production. Rowand was replaced by Nate Schierholtz, who was called up from the minors in late 2008 and Andres Torres, who signed last year as a free agent in the minor leagues at the age of 31..

In the infield, we saw Aubrey Huff playing first base after signing as a free agent in January. Freddy Sanchez was traded by the Pittsburgh Pirates to the Giants in mid 2009 to play second base for the Giants. Huff and Pablo Sandoval primarily covered third base with a little help from Juan Uribe. Huff and Sandoval also filled in at designated hitters in the Series. Sandoval, also known as "Panda" was brought up from the minors in mid 2008 and is one of the "loosest" swingers in baseball. Uribe, at 30 years of age, signed a minor league contract with the Giants. He also shared shortstop with Ed Renteria. Renteria, who I thought was the MVP of the World Series, was signed as a 33 year old free agent in winter 2008. If you are noticing anything, you will note there are not many "home grown" San Francisco Giants in the lineup.

The pride of the Giants farm system is catcher "Buster" Posey. He was called up from the minors this past May and the way he handled the pitching staff as well as the bat, makes him a "star in the making."

Next season will be interesting as how this team will return. I would think we will see a number of players on this roster who will not return next year. The General Manager, Brian Sabean, has his work to do this winter. It appears he has assembled a quality pitching staff and will need to address his hitting and fielding needs.


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