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Satoko Urata, a Very Beautiful Beach Volleyball Player

Updated on July 20, 2017

Satoko Urata with Takemi Nishibori

Japan's Satoko Urata attempts to spike the ball during a match as partner Takemi Nishibori looks on.
Japan's Satoko Urata attempts to spike the ball during a match as partner Takemi Nishibori looks on. | Source

Satoko Urata: her early career and rise to all-star status

Satoko Urata, a Japanese beach volleyball player born on December 22, 1980 has dazzled beach volleyball fans everywhere. She originally began as an indoor volleyball athlete playing for the NEC Red Rockets. In 2002, Urata began her beach volleyball career. She reached great heights in her career when she became an all-star athlete for the Asian Tournament. In addition to this, Urata has won a championship for the All Japan Women’s Tournament.

Satoko Urata at the Japan Open Technical Meeting (2009)

Satoko Urata: a look at her career so far

Although Urata has had several partners in her career, she has played the most matches with Chiaki Kusuhara and Takemi Nishibori. Her career earnings to date total over $60,000. Her best finish internationally has been 7th place. In 2004 with partner Mika Saiki, she won the beach volleyball Japan tournament. Saiki herself got 4th place in the 2000 Summer Olympics. Two years later in 2006, Urata became Japan’s representative for that year’s Asian Games. In 2007, Urata won the All Japan female Grand Prix Tournament. Presently, Urata is dedicated to making sure she can qualify for the 2012 Olympics in London. As of this writing, the Summer Olympics obviously ended almost four years ago but Urata will still continue to promote herself inside and outside the sport of beach volleyball. You can see just how great Satoko really looks. Her legs are really pretty and she is one of the tallest beach volleyball athletes at five feet and nine inches tall.

A few photos of Satoko Urata from the FIVB World Tour (2009)

Satoko Urata celebrates winning a point.
Satoko Urata celebrates winning a point.

A few interesting facts about Satoko Urata

An interesting thing to mention here is that Urata is also dedicated to skin care and beauty. So she won the 7th annual Clarino Beautiful Legs Awards in 2009. Urata has won a total of $60,200 in total prize money and her best finish internationally has been 7th place. The majority of her matches have been with Chiaki Kusuhara with whom she has played 27 matches with and she has also played in 26 matches with Takemi Nishibori. As of the end of 2015, Urata is ranked 135th in the world.

Satoko Urata vs. Takemi Nishibori vs. Chiaki Kusuhara

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A look at Satoko Urata in photos


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    • CELEBSFAN78 profile image

      Ara Vahanian 18 months ago from LOS ANGELES


      Thanks for your intelligent comment. Confidence is one of the most important qualities to have whether you are a man or a woman. I agree that this woman is really very beautiful!

    • Besarien profile image

      Besarien 18 months ago

      I admire her natural, healthy beauty and her comfort in her own skin. A woman has to be pretty confident to compete in a bikini every day.