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Saucony ProGrid Ride Running Shoe Review

Updated on August 28, 2010

Saucony ProGrid Ride Running Shoe

Saucony ProGrid Features

I bought the Saucony ProGrid Ride for women because it is designed for a neutral runner (normal or slightly high arch) and has great cushion in the heel and in the forefoot. Not all running shoes feature forefoot cushion and is something to look for in a shoe if you seek great cushioning. The ProGrid system is a woven cushion system you can see when you look at the bottom of the heel. See the second picture I have included you can see a window in the bottom of the heel that shows the ProGrid(tm) system. This is a flexible grid that absorbs shock. What I like about this cushion system is that it does not become compressed over time like the Gel Asics uses and won't snap off like Nike Shox sometimes too (no, I am not a fan of Nike Shox).

The Saucony ProGrid ride is composed of a breathable mesh upper and anti-microbial sock liner. With the high price tag this shoe carries (MSRP $95 but you can find it on sale or get last year's color at a discount), these little extra features are a bonus. The shoe's mesh also wicks moisture very well. She shoe weighs in at about 10 oz, making it lightweight.

My First Pair of Saucony Review

The Saucony ProGrid Ride is my first pair of Saucony shoes and I am very pleased! In the past I have worn everything from Asics and Mizuno to the newer Under Armour models. I have always known the great cushion systems the better running shoes by Saucony use. My first 5k run went smoothly. I took this shoe for about 1.5 miles on a paved trail and even another 1.5 miles on a trail through the woods.

I would recommend this shoe and it required no breaking-in. I have high arches and I felt no pain in the knees or arches (an indicator the shoe would not have been the right fit for me). If you are trying out a new shoe, look for signs that she shoe does not fit properly or does not provide the right amount of support or cushion. If your knees are hurting or your arches then try a new running shoe. Even if a running shoe is a few more dollars than you want to spend, the right running shoe will prevent injury and give you the best running potential.


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