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Say It Ain't So, Favre

Updated on July 20, 2012
Brett Favre at the Vikings press conference - courtesy of
Brett Favre at the Vikings press conference - courtesy of
Favre at his first Vikings practice - courtesy of
Favre at his first Vikings practice - courtesy of

Don't you hate it when you sit at the computer with laser-like focus, and all of a sudden you have an annoying gnat that continuously bugs you and won't go away? No matter how hard you try to ignore it and go about your business, it selfishly steals your attention, leaving you severely agitated. Well that gnat is wearing a #4 for the Minnesota Vikings.

Brett Favre is continuing the trend of professional athletes who think it is fashionable to keep fans in suspense as to whether they are going to play one more season. Being a huge fan of Favre, it hurts to give this criticism. Now I know there are those that will point out that at the end of the 07' season, he was cut by the Packers (who'd have thought he wouldn't retire a Packer). Brett didn't commit the cardinal sin of playing two or three years too long for his beloved team. He made the next best mistake: pulling a Broadway Joe and playing for the Rams (or a Thurman Thomas and playing for the Dolphins). It is also true that much of his uncertainty was due to his questionable physical status after off-season surgery. The fact remains his 22 interceptions was his highest total since 1999. He took a beating last year by taking 30 sacks; at age 39 that will take a toll on you as the season progresses. Although his completion percentage was one of his highest of his career (65.7%), his average yards per game were one of the lowest of his career (217 yds/gm).

The worst kick back to this whole experience is that Favre has lost most of the love and respect that he worked 15+ years to gain from his "cheeseheads." In Green Bay, Brett was able to walk on water. Now he'd be lucky to leave there in one piece. If he keeps it up, he will end up being a man without a country (team) as did Roger Clemens. One day you are seen as one of the greatest to ever play, the next day you cant get someone to buy you a drink!

Will Favre have a good year? He will have a good year compared to NFL standards, but not to the one he has set for himself. The longer he plays, the cloudier the great memories will become. In years to come when he name is brought up at a table, it's unfortunate that right after the Superbowl memories surface, the circus called the "Post-Paker Era" will come up.

Oh well, let's see if #4 still has any magic left.


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