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Scariest Roller Coasters and Amusement Park Rides in the United States

Updated on September 23, 2018

Roller coasters are an exciting way to enjoy a day out with friends and family. Every year numerous people in the United States board roller coasters to take a break from life.

Over the many decades, amusement park type rides have become more scarier than ever before. I personally don't like roller coasters because, I believe these kind of rides can be very dangerous: but for those thrill seekers out there, I designed this article with you in mind.

Are you a dare devil? Do you love feeling your heart jump out of your chest and the sensation of euphoria pumping through your veins and entire body? If this is the case my hub is for you.

Today, I will discuss the scariest rides ever. These jaw dropping, crack head speed turning rides will leave you breathless and amazed. You have been warned. Now, let's look at the scariest roller coaster rides in America.

Intimidator 305

This cool roller coaster ride is located at Kings Dominion Parks across the nation. It is not for the faint of heart. With a 300 feet drop at an 85 degree angel, this roller coaster is designed for real adventure seekers. Most reviewers of the ride describe blacking out in the first few seconds after the very first drop.

The ride has numerous turn and spins, one that will surely leave you breathless. It is the tallest ride on the east coast with a peek of 305 feet. Adults and children both love this insanely popular ride with speed of 90 mph in just a few seconds. If you like to jump out of your seat: this roller coaster is for you.

X Scream Roller Coaster At Stratosphere Las Vegas Nevada Casino, Tower and Resort

Do you want a ride that will make feel like you are falling from a skyscraper? If that is what you're looking for check out X Scream roller coaster ride at the Stratosphere Vegas, Nevada Casino

The ride is located at the top of the tower and it is the third highest roller coaster in the United States with a height of 823 feet. The roller coaster has a see saw motion that takes riders multiple times to the edge of the skyscraper while hanging them off the cliff before pulling them back to safety. If you're afraid of heights you definitely should avoid this roller coaster but if you're a dare devil definitely give it a try. Most individuals love their experience on this insanely popular and scary roller coaster.

Hulk Roller Coaster- Universal Studios Hollywood

The incredible hulk roller coaster ride is located at universal's islands of adventure theme park in Orlando Florida. The roller coaster features a propeller which launches riders through an accelerator at a speed of 40mph in 2 seconds. The ride immediately goes into a cool roll, down a 105-foot (32 m) decline, and into a cobra roll over the park's main entrance.

The cool coaster also features a dark tunnel and other special effects making it a super awesome and enjoyable riding experience. If you love the idea of being in a Hollywood special effects movie type scenario, you will definitely appreciate this futuristic comic book coaster.

Passengers must be at least 5'4 to board the roller coaster as precaution taken by universal studios to ensure safety. The hulk features a peek speed of 67mph. It was voted the number one best coaster ride by Discovery Channel viewers and was featured in the Chills and Thrills documentary. This super awesome roller coaster recently won a golden ticket award.

Fury 325 Roller Coaster Carowinds Amusement Park Charlotte, North Carolina

Fury 325 is one of the tallest and fastest coasters in the world with a height of 325 feet and speed limit of 95mph. Riders go through a chain lift which takes them to a top height of 325 feet while rapidly dropping them 81 feet down a hill at a speed of 95mph. The coaster then takes numerous turns and other fascinating declines before returning to the station area. The ride last about three and a half minutes. It seats 32 riders per train and over a thousand riders per hour. The awesome coaster is quite large taking up about 8.4 acres of land.

Most roller coaster fans cite fury as their new favorite roller coaster. It was ranked number one in 2016 and 2018 and won the Golden ticket award for best riding experience.

Fury 325 is located at Carowinds Amusement Park in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Millennium Force Roller Coaster- Cedar Point

If you're searching for an adrenaline rush definitely check out Millennium force roller coaster at Cedar Point amusement park in Sandusky, Ohio. Millennium Force was the first giga coaster of its kind (a roller coaster exceeding more than 300 feet in height).

Since its debut it has broken six world records and it is currently the longest coaster in North America. It is also the third tallest coaster ever with a height of 310 feet. Millennium Force is also one of the world fastest roller coasters with a speed of 95mph.

Riders are lifted up with the assistance of a cable chain to the maximum height of 310 feet: they are immediately dropped down a 300 foot hill at a accelerated speed of 95mph. The coaster finishes its incredible ride by speeding through two tunnels while making three over-banked turns, and surpassing four hills before returning to the boarding area.

Nothing quite beats this amazing roller coaster. It is a sure crowd pleas-er. You just can't go wrong with this super awesome adventure ride.

Kingda Ka- Six Flags Jackson New Jersey

Riders must be at least five and a half inches tall to board this incredible roller coaster. It is the tallest and second fastest steel coaster in the world with a speed of 128mph in 3.5 seconds. The amazing amusement park ride features a 428 foot decline and 3,118 foot hill. This particular ride is not for the average person. If you have a bad heart definitely avoid this coaster but if speed and extreme thrill is your cup of tea give this insane roller coaster a try. It will surely impress mega coaster riders fan.

I am a roller-coaster addict.

— Mick Foley

Goliath Six Flags Gurnee, Illinois.

Goliath recently broke three world records for wooden roller coasters including the steepest and fastest wooden ride in the world. It features a upside down turn and several declines at a speed of 72mph. Most riders describe their experience as incredibly exciting and awesome. If you're in the Illinois area try stopping by Six Flags great adventure park to board this amazing roller coaster.

The roller coaster truly lives up to its name Goliath, one for the record books.

The Roller Coaster New York-New York Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada

This amazing roller coaster is located at the top of the New York casino hotel along the Vegas strip. It has an height of 180 feet and features a decline of 76 feet down a train chamber with many loops and turns. It is a fascinating ride that allows riders to view the Vegas skyline while be terrified by this super awesome coaster.

It also features a 144 foot drop at a 180 degree angel. Many people find the ride quite thrilling but also dangerous because of the roughness of the coaster. If you're in the Vegas area and you decide to take a chance with this cool ride make sure to follow all instructions carefully from the coaster operators to avoid minor bumps and bruises from the power of this insane roller coaster.

Sheikra Bush Gardens, Tampa Florida

Sheikra is 200 foot dive coaster. It is one of America"s first floor-less roller coasters. The ride features a 90 degree drop with speeds of more than 70mph. The chain lift is quite frightening as well as the drop. Riders feet freely dangle in the air while going through various loops and turns.

In 2007, SheiKra was featured on Discovery Channel's television series Built It Bigger. The ride once broke a world record for the tallest and fastest dive coasters in the world and has also won a award for best rides.

Sheikra is not for wimps with a few seconds hang time at the top of a 200 foot cliff, this ride is for true roller coaster fanatics who love the feeling of coming close to falling from a high distance.

Maverick Cedar Point Ohio

Maverick roller coaster is so dangerous riders must meet a weight and height requirement before boarding this awesome ride. The height requirement is 5'2 inches tall. The weight requirement is not known but riders must be able to fastened their seat-belts properly before being allowed to ride this insane coaster.

The riding experience is quite thrilling and relatively smooth meaning you won't get hurt on this cool coaster. Maverick won a NAPHA award in 2007 for best new attractions.

Orlando Slingshot

Orlando Slingshot is a ride located at midway park in Orlando Florida. The ride virtually makes you feel weightless. Although, it is not a roller coaster, It is definitely one of the scariest amusement park rides ever. If you're a dare devil and roller coaster fanatic try not to pay too much attention to the person next to you be it male, female or child because this will nearly stop your heart from beating when you're propelled in the air faster than the speed of light.

Orlando slingshot is not for the faint of heart. It is truly unbelievably scary. Men, women and children have passed out on this insanely popular ride near Orange county, Florida.

El Toro Six flags Jackson New Jersey

El Toro which means bull in Spanish is a fascinating roller coaster with incredible drops and crazy speeds. At its debut it broke several world records including the steepest decline of any wooden roller coaster. It is currently ranked fourth in the world in wooden coasters behind Germany and China respectively. El Toro features a 4,100 foot track and a 176 feet decline with a speed of 70mph.


Even though, I am not a fan of roller coasters or amusement parks, I must say that they add a great and fun experience to the average person. With a roller coaster you never know what's next. It almost like life. We are thrown in many different directions but we find our way back to the right course where we are able to take a deep breath and enjoy the time we are given here on earth. With that said, I hope my hub was helpful to all those roller coasters fanatics out there.

Please vote for your favorite amusement park ride from this article. This concludes my hub on the scariest roller coasters and amusement parks rides in America. Please, feel free to leave your comments below. As always, I look forward to hearing from you

What roller coaster or amusement park ride would you vote as the scariest ever?

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    • Coffeequeeen profile image

      Louise Powles 

      4 weeks ago from Norfolk, England

      Oh my word, just watching some of them videos makes my stomach turn lol. Not sure I'd go on some of them, although they do look like a lot of fun.

    • Eurofile profile image

      Liz Westwood 

      4 weeks ago from UK

      Your roller coasters make the U.K. ones look very tame. I used to be the one who went on them when our kids were younger. Sadly they got to the age when they went on their own and now they have left home so my roller coaster accompanying duties are over. Maybe when my grandson is old enough, my rollercoaster chance will come again!

    • Pamela99 profile image

      Pamela Oglesby 

      4 weeks ago from Sunny Florida

      There was a time I took my children to amusement parks, and I use to ride rollar coasters, but no more. I guess I might be too old, but they are a thrill. I loved them once. They are faster and talled now, just like you revealed in this article.


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