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Scott Bay Michigan Northern Pike Fishing

Updated on March 8, 2011

Introduction to Scott Bay Michigan

The Scott Bay area of Michigan might not be well known, but it provides excellent fishing opportunities for anglers looking for walleye, perch, smallmouth bass, or northern pike. Fishing can be done from boat or on shore around Scott Bay, and the popular tourist destination of Drummond Island is located close by. Scott Bay is located just off of Drummond Island, which is located right where the main part of the state of Michigan meets the Upper Peninsula. Scott Bay itself is located between Peck Island, Bay Island, and Ashman Island. The area is the meeting place of three Great Lakes and also close to the very popular vacation spot of Drummond Island, Michigan. The area was recently home to a record breaking 55 pound northern pike, a record that is acknowledged by some organizations but not by all. This has only increased the popularity of Scott Bay Michigan fishing.

Scott Bay, Michigan

Fish in Scott Bay Michigan

In Scott Bay there are large schools of perch, smallmouth bass, and walleye. Because of this, lures that resemble either of these three fish will attract pike because they look like the pike's prey in that area. Following schools of these fish is another good way to locate pike, since these ambush predators enjoy stalking large schools and then picking off any stragglers.

A Michigan fishing license is required for northern pike fishing in Scott Bay. As of 2010, residents and non residents alike have their choice between one of three types of licenses: a one day, 72 hour (three day), or an annual license. The costs vary depending on residency status and the length of the license you choose. As of 2010, in Michigan the daily bag limit for pike was five.

Scott Bay Michigan Fishing Strategies

A medium to heavy action rod with a minimum of ten pound test line is best for pike fishing in Scott Bay. Because of the abundance of food, pike are especially aggressive and can reach trophy size. Open faced reels are also much better than closed face because of line snag issues. You will also want a good net to finish the catch.

Since there are so many other fish around Scott Bay, crank baits that resemble local minnows or small fish work well. These crank baits can be used by casting towards shore, or by trolling behind the boat. Trolling in slightly deeper water is the best way to use crank baits to catch larger pike, since your lures will look like natural fish following the wake left by the boat.

More on Detour Passage Pike Fishing

While the entire area is well known for its world class fishing, fishing around the Detour Passage, Scott Bay, and the surrounding islands is often best done with a guide if you do not know the area well. In addition, weather can make even semi sheltered waters around the Great Lakes very rough, which makes it important to always have life vests on and to be prepared for sudden shifts to inclement weather. On the plus side, when the weather is good the fishing is often fantastic and the northern pike can be very aggressive, making for a fun and exciting day of fishing.

Just remember to be safe, use quality gear, and with a little help a day out on Scott Bay can turn into one of the best fishing outings you've ever had.

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