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Scott Hall At TNA Turning Point Pay Per View

Updated on November 14, 2008

At TNA's Turning Point pay per view Kevin Nash was surprised with former NWO member Scott Hall making an appearance as an audience member. It was reported that both Nash, and Samoa Joe was furious, and Nash even asked that Hall be removed. For anyone who isn't aware Nash and Hall are former tag team champions and very close friends.

The feeling was that the crowd would be expecting Scott Hall to run in at anytime to interfere. Joe and Nash felt that this would take away from the match, which has been months in the making.

The storyline was that Joe took everything that Nash could give and still kicked out, and was only pinned after a low blow. This match was still got over with the crowd despite Scott Hall's attendance.

The future storyline will be that Nash will avoid a rematch for a good length of time, and appear somewhat afraid of facing Joe again. After a period of time Joe will be granted a match by TNA management.

This should be interesting to watch in the coming weeks. This is one of the best storylines I have seen with TNA.

Somoa Joe Kevin Nash Stand Off

The Outsiders in World Championship Wrestling WCW

Kevin Nash & Scott Hall as "The Outsiders"
Kevin Nash & Scott Hall as "The Outsiders"

Former TNA Champion Somao Joe

Former TNA heavyweight champion Samoa Joe
Former TNA heavyweight champion Samoa Joe


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