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Scott Mountain Bikes, GT Mountain Bikes, Marin Mountain Bikes and Kona Mountain Bikes

Updated on January 26, 2015
Scott Mountain Bikes
Scott Mountain Bikes | Source

Scott Mountain Bikes

Mountain biking has always been very charming to the people of all ages and genders who are living in the hill sides throughout the country. This has been a popular sports differing on different age groups.

Your qualification is nothing but riding the bike. Mountain biking always has some potential risks of injuries. So, the riders should always carry a helmet with them while riding down the hill-tracts.

You can learn riding bikes in your open space behind the houses. There are fewer chances of injuries there.

The Scott Company was launched with their unique products. The first goggles used in biking for security purposes were launched by the company. In the following years they started manufacturing other bike accessories such as motocross boots, grips etc. in 1970.

The Ski pole factory was first established by the Scott owners in 1986. Their unique products made it possible for them to lead the ski companies all over the world.

In that year, a new product by the company also launched. The first mountain bikes were first launched by the company. In the year 1989, Scott Company started producing the aerodynamic handlebar.

It was first invented by Greg Lemond in 1989. After that addition, the company became very popular among the user groups.

The special product launched by the companies on some special dates. In 1991, Scott joined Unihock to produce the mountain bike suspensions. In 1992, the newly made Scott mountain bikes were presented in the markets.

But their impressive flights while the launching made it sure about their successes.

In 1995, Scott Company started making the unique style bikes. They launched the carbon mountain bikes for the first time. Due to the suspensions, the rides were great to move with.

Scott mountain bikes won the place in the deepest part of its users. The products were becoming famous day by day. Moreover, the products are used in several international championships.

Scott mountain bikes have become very famous after the celebrities also started using these bikes. The latest products of these bikes are Ransom bikes. They are certainly the best combination of price and comfort.

You might have a Scott product which will surely serve you the best services and make you fully satisfied.

GT Mountain Bikes
GT Mountain Bikes

GT Mountain Bikes

GT Mountain Bikes are unique with their Qualities

There are most popular mountain bike manufacturers throughout the world producing specialized products for mountain riding for the users. Among all other two-wheel brands, GT bike manufacturers are the leading ones in the industry today.

They are manufacturing all types of bicycles. The have presented road, mountain and BMX bikes designed specially for these purposes. After a lot of up and downs, the GT Company has now attained the position among all the great bicycle producers of all times.

The mountain bikes that are made by the GT Company are certainly serving the best in the rough and rude trails. The company was founded by Gary Turner in the year 1979 and Richard Long.

Gary was a wielding engineer professional and Richard long was a bike shop owner. They started their journey together and now you have found the company as the leading by-cycle manufacturers. This American company has really changed the standard of the mountain bikes.

GT mountain bikes are unique with their qualities. They can be recognized by the triple triangle designs. The BMX frames are also unique in their designs. You can easily distinguish the GT products from other providers.

The mountain bikes that they are making these days are technically advanced. You will find utmost comfort on the muddy and rough trails also. The journey began in 1970 when Turner’s son started producing bikes.

These bikes seemed brittle and heavy to Turner. So he started making frames for his son’s productions. After a few years the bikes became very popular as they were well built productions. Then, Gary Long, a bike shop owner offered Turner to join with him. And finally the history was being written.

Now, the GT Mountain bikes have become the professional choice. GT bikes are simply the best ones that you can buy for your comfortable riding on the rough terrains. The two-wheels will make you feel riding with tremendous comfort.

The suspensions, the wheels, the breaks and everything of these bikes are high class. The classes are maintained with great efficiency. If you are searching for a phoenix at your garage, purchase a GT mountain bike. Some of the famous GT bikes are gt palomar mountain bike, gt ricochet mountain bike, gt full suspension mountain bike, gt outpost mountain bike, gt aggressor mountain bike and gt 29er mountain bike.

Marin Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes are always the fun bikes to have. The people want to ride on the rough muddy trails, or if they are interested in the mountain riding, for them the mountain bikes are must to buy.

For last two decades the popular two-wheel brands are manufacturing mountain bikes. Nowadays the mountain bikes have different designs for both male and female riders. The companies use the technology with the building excellence to manufacture these bikes.

You can surely move on the rough terrains with these light-weight but strong bikes. Marin is a two-wheel product manufacturer in California. The company started their journey in 1986 in Marin County.

From then they have gained the bike lovers’ attraction with their productions. Until today they have produced sixty six models of mountain bikes. Each of them is known the best ones for their building excellence.

The Marin bikes are world-popular. But they don’t have many retailers throughout the world. But still, the products have high demands among the professional bike riders.

The company Marin is manufacturing full suspension bikes specially designed for mountain riding since late in the 90s. John Whyte, a British engineer work along with another great technician Benetton and made a single-pivot rear suspension.

They had also worked in the manufacturing of the formula one gear box. This addition made the bikes more cozy and attractive. The originality had greatly reduced after the addition of some other technical products.

Travel and ride adjustable (TARA) and quad connection suspension systems were added lately to these bikes. Technically, the bikes became more supreme with these additions.

The popularity of these bikes also increased. Nowadays, the Marin mountain bikes have become the hottest trends.

The mountain bikes from Marin are made of steel frames generally. They are also associated with Aluminum, Titanium and Carbon fibers. But the genre of these bikes is certainly the steel bikes.

You will be amazed at the excellence of making these bikes. There are several designs available in the market. You can go through the catalogs for selecting one specific bike.

These bikes are good for professional use. Even for the novices, the Marin mountain bikes are certainly a very good initial experience.

Kona Mountain Bikes
Kona Mountain Bikes | Source

Kona Mountain Bikes

Mountain riding on bikes has always been a matter of good adventure to all the people. They love it to take as a fun to ride on their specially designed mountain bikes.

Kona Mountain Bikes are now-a-days getting more attraction from the users for their excellence. Mountain bikes first produced by Kona came to the market in 1998 along with another one, the Whistler Blackcomb Mountain Bike.

Kona Mountain Bikes are specially designed for the roughest terrains and the vigorous counter use on the hill tracts. You can certainly go for these bikes if you are passionate about mountain biking.

Actually, these mountain bikes presented by Kona, is the production of the company Kona bikes. But they carry a designers’ tag Kona. That is why these bikes are known as the most efficient branded mountain bikes.

Apart from the mountain bikes the company also produces other parts and accessories used for the mountain bikes. If you are interested to buy one, undoubtedly the Kona bikes will be the best choice for you.

Though the company has got enormous success with their mountain bikes, these are not their main productions. The manufacturers used to call it the fun bikes. They were the first manufacturers of the off-road wheels in their production history.

But they had launched several odd bikes which became very successful product in the market.

For the mountain bike riders Kona Mountain bikes are like dreams. They are very comfortable to ride on even on the rough terrains. You can surely be happy with these specially designed bikes.

So, the bike company is a most successful one throughout the world. They have the majority shares in the bike share market. The bikes can be a little expensive. But, for the real cyclists and professional bike riders, they are certainly the best one to choose.

The Kona Mountain Bikes attained huge successes for many years of bike businesses. There are numbers of designs available in the collections of Kona bikes. Each and every design will be chosen by any bike rider.

They are made with excellent quality. The bikes are the Lana I 2005 Mountain bike, the Fire Mountain 2006 bike, the Shred 2006 Mountain Bike, the Cinder Cone Sole 2007 Mountain Bike, the Unit 2007 Mountain Bike, the Kikapu-8 2007 Mountain Bike and there are lot more to mention.

But, as a consumer, you will be the luckiest person to have a Kona product of your own.

How to choose the best mountain bike for you?

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