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Scuba & Wreck Diving In Truk Lagoon, Chuuk, on Atols in the Carolina Islands

Updated on July 29, 2017

Scuba diving or snorkelling in Chuuk (formerly Truk) lagoon or around the small islands is a breath taking, surreal and an unforgettable life experience.

Wreck diving has never been such an adventure as Chuuk Lagoon has thousands of World War Two artifacts lying virtually intact on the sea bed.

Warships, including destroyers, cruisers and tankers, full cargo ships, and airplanes as well as a massive selection of tanks and vehicles from WWII litter the sea bed. Scuba divers around the globe vacation here time after time to take part in the thrilling underwater scenery.

Vacations in Chuuk are like no other vacation on Earth. Tropical temperatures, clear ocean waters, excellent beaches, and a fantastic opportunity to view relics from a bygone age.

chuuk lagoon:
Chuuk, Micronesia

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Chuuk is part of the Caroline Islands group in the South Pacific Ocean some 1800 kilometers North-East of New Guinea.

The atoll has an awesome 225 kilometer reef surrounding the 11 main islands.

Chuuk lagoon is a natural harbour measuring approximately 79 x 50 kilometers ensuring enough room for thousands of wreck divers at once.

There are 46 smaller islands inside the lagoon itself with another 41 small islands dotted about the reef.

Known as the Chuuk islands, the lagoon was the major base for the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War Two in the South Pacific.

World War Two Connection

Scuba diving schools have declared that there has never been as many sunken WWII ships within the confines of such a small area.

The Japanese made the islands one of the most formidable places during the second world war. Five airstrips were constructed along with a submarine repair base, sea-boats and torpedo boats bases.

Nearly 50,000 Japanese soldiers were billeted throughout the islands.

On February 17th, 1944, the American launched a massive airborne attack code-named 'Operation Hailstone'.

The successful attack lasted three days resulting with the sinking of twelve warships including cruisers and destroyers.

Thirty two cargo ships containing tanks, weapons, trucks, munitions, and other war materials were also sunk.

Some 275 Japanese aircraft were also shot down or destroyed before they could take off during those three days.

This one military engagement was to create the worlds largest military ship cemetery and enabled the largest number of scuba diving schools in one location.

Free Link To: Images of Sunken WWII Tanks, Planes & Ships

Scuba Diving Today

Scuba divers vacationing in Chuuk are surprised to find that many of the wrecks are in less than 50 feet of water.

This area is void of sea current leaving the waters crystal clear and very calm. Scuba diving across the decks of sunken warships is a surreal experience in the warm oceanic waters in the Carolina Islands.

Many decks are littered with gas masks and other debris left when ships were abandoned by their ill-fated sailors. Many ships still contain depth charges, gun mountings (with guns attached) and bullets.

Below decks there is an amazing assortment of Japanese military hardware. Rows and rows of intact aircraft, tanks, trucks, bulldozers, bombs, torpedoes and many boxes of munitions and mines. as well as uniforms, helmets and other artifacts.

NB: There are numerous skeletal human remains within the sunken structures. The area is defined as a war grave and therefore human remains should be left undisturbed. Anyone removing them may be liable for prosecution.

Also within the atoll is the Japanese submarine l-169 Shinohara, which took part in the attack on Pearl Harbour in 1941.


Scuba diving is the main industry on the islands with hundreds of thousand of tourists flocking here annually.

Places such as Truk Lagoon Diving Centre and Odyssey Adventures offer fantastic deals and experiences for registered scuba divers to novices. Many of the hotels in the area offer scuba diving vacations including daily scuba diving equipment hire.

Deep sea fishing is always an exciting adventure for anglers. Hilton head Island offers fantastic opportunities to fish in the deep blue ocean with charter boats supplying all the necessary equipment.

Sandy beaches and tropical sunshine for relaxing vacations and holidays are what these islands are made of. Explore the local wildlife and seek out WWII land based materials and relics.

The Carolina Islands are a mecca place for vacations of many different styles. Relaxing and exciting, busy yet calm, and electrifying, whatever a persons taste, these little islands have it.

The Carolina islands provide some of the best and top places in the world to go scuba diving. Although not the cheapest vacation in the world, it just may be the best.

No other vacation comes close to the historic significance of this underwater graveyard.

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