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Sector 9 Sunset Bamboo Longboard

Updated on June 25, 2011
Sector 9 Sunset Bamboo Series Longboard
Sector 9 Sunset Bamboo Series Longboard

Considered to be a great beginner multi-use board. The deck of the Sector 9 Sunset Bamboo Longboard is 42.0" L x 9.5" W. It's not the longest and not the shortest longboard. There's enough room for cross stepping.

Made from 100% bamboo, the deck features a "W" concave and mild camber that add to the strength while still allowing a nice amount of flex. Designed to be low on the ground, the 70mm / 75a Nineball Wheels provide a nice smooth ride over rougher surface like street asphalt and over small obstacles. Giving the rider more control. Because it's stable, the Sector 9 Sunset Bamboo Longboard is fast. If you can find a nice, paved downhill road in your neighborhood somewhere, then you're in easy street.

The Sector 9 Sunset complete set can get you up and running right away. So you can be doing the important things like learning how to longboard or getting the feel of cruising downhill with your new longboard. It's a different feel from a traditional skateboard.

Tricks, Carving, Sliding on the Sector 9 Sunset Longboard


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