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Seeing The Olympic Torch

Updated on June 19, 2013

My Olympic Torch Experience

Well, I'm lucky enough to live in England - this year, hosting the 2012 Olympics.

Being from Sheffield (further north of England), I'm unfortunately not close enough to London to get a real slice of the action... but I was lucky enough to view the Olympic Torch Relay passing through my city just yesterday.

On the 25th June 2012 the Olympic Torch Relay passed through Sheffield.

Having secured myself a place at the roadside, I was handed various pieces of promotional nonsense from the companies cashing in on the Olympics. But the real reason I was there was not for the inflatable advertisements and promotional gizmos - it was to see the Olympic Torch Relay pass through my city.

And after a half hour wait, I heard the excited cry of "I can see the flame".

I eagerly stood on tiptoes trying to get a glimpse myself, and there it was, being carried through the very streets I've grown up on.

In all honesty it was a short-lived event - come and go within a minute - yet despite only sighting it briefly, I am proud to say I have been a part of English history by being there to see the Olympic Torch Relay pass through the streets of Sheffield.

Fan of the Olympics?


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