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How to Select the Best Baseball Pitching Machine

Updated on July 12, 2017

Baseball Pitching Machine Buyers Guidelines

As days go by, baseball pitching machines are becoming more hi-tech and some of them have become obsolete as they don't support a lot of features that today's baseball players may need in a standard pitching machine: Today's manufacturers of pitching machines are well aware of the competition and they strive to make best baseball pitching machines that will do a number of tasks on a single machine.

Manufacturers produce different models of pitchers with completely different features; which can suit every player from children, youths, to pro players who like pitching.

As flooded as the industry is; finding the best pitching machine that will serve different players needs can be very difficult, especially if the buyer don't know much about pitching machines, and they need to get one for their loved ones who also are novices.

A number of people will choose pitching machine according to the buying price, the least expensive being the most favorite. Pitching machine usefulness will determine the price of the machine, however, the price cannot be the only factor to consider when purchasing a baseball pitching machine.

Things to Consider when Buying a Baseball Pitching Machine
There are a number of things to consider when buying a pitching machine; whether baseball or softball. Here are the most important things that one have to consider before buying any of the machines:

Things to Consider When Buying a Baseball Pitching Machine

1. Durability

Of course, how long a pitching machine will last before thinking of buying another one is one of the most important factors to consider when buying these machines. Most of the manufacturers may not be sincere when you ask them about the durability of the product, however, one of the best ways to know how long a pitching machine can last is by looking at the warranty; the longer the period of warranty the more the machine is durable. Also, you can decide on the durability by considering the top brands from well-known manufacturers such as First Pitch, Franklyn Sports, Heaters, Atec, BATA, Jugs, and more.

2. Portability

In most cases, the ease to move around with a pitching machine will be a factor to consider, since you may need to carry it to a place where you can find enough space for pitching a cage or something similar. Most of the pitching machines today come with wheels which make it easier to move around without feeling the weight.

3. Speed of the Pitching machine

The speed of the machine is one of the most important things you need to know before buying one. Some are very slow and are meant for beginners and children and not youths or pro baseball pitching individuals. As such, speed of pitching machine will depend on who is going to use the machine.

4. Baseball or Softball Pitching Machine, or both?

Most pitching machine today will come in a combination of both baseball and softball. It is therefore very important to decide in prior if you will need just a baseball pitching machine or a softball pitching machine. If you need both of them, then it is advisable that you buy a combination of both two in a single machine.

5. Manual or Auto Ball Feeder

Also very important to consider is whether the one who is going to use the pitching machine will be playing solo or will have someone to help in feeding the balls. If they will play solo, you will need to buy an auto ball feeder that will load balls automatically one after the other. The manual pitching machine will be cumbersome with a single player, a second party must be around to help in feeding the balls.

6. A Curveball Pitching Machine or not?

This is also a very important thing to consider before purchasing a pitching machine. There are very advanced curve master pitching machines that can really help improve a player's pitching techniques. However, this feature is not easy to use and it will need a pro to manage curve balls or someone who needs to learn how to handle curve balls.

7. Age Group of the Player

Base pitching machines come with different sizes, shapes, weights, speed, and features, depending on the player's age group. As such, it is very important to consider the age group of the player to use the baseball pitching machine you are buying. Baseball pitching machines are designed differently for Adults, Youths, and Children.

8. The Cost of the Pitching Machine

The cost only becomes an issue when under a budget, and you need to spend no more than a specific amount. However, one needs to go with main features a baseball pitching machine can support and not the price since as the price comes down, there will be limitations on most important features one should use in a pitching machine.

9. Wheeled Machine

As said earlier, wheeled machines are very important when one needs a faster pitching machine: Also, with wheels, they can be moved from one place to another easily without having to carry the whole machine. Pitching machines are available in different numbers of wheels as discussed below:

A) Dual Wheel- Dual wheel baseball pitching machines have two wheels and this is very important depending on the duty and size of the machine. Heavy duty pitching machines should have more than a single wheel, and some even come with three wheels and are programmable to allow instant variation from one pitch to another.

B) Single Wheel- Single wheel baseball or softball pitching machine comes with one wheel, and therefore not very heavy duty like the ones with more than a single wheel. It is wise to choose well between different wheeled machines depending on the one that suits your needs.

10. Compressed Air Machine

Baseball pitching machines technology has really developed over years: Most of the baseball pitching machines today are very different from how they are used, and the mechanism that makes them work as required. One of the most advanced pitching machines technologically today use compressed air for an increased speed. As such, when you need a pitching machine with high-speed capability, you will most definitely need to go with the one using compressed air mechanism.

11. Armed

There are also armed baseball or softball pitching machines type, which is sometimes referred to as Iron Mike Pitching machines. These baseball pitching machines are much durable, and if durability is your major factor to consider, you will definitely go with this armed style of pitching machine. They are mostly all-weather and also auto ball feeder enable, and therefore best when one needs pitching machine that he or she can work with solo without needing help feeding the balls one after the other.

Top 10 Best Baseball Pitching Machines Review

1. Trend Sports Power Alley Pro Baseball Pitching Machine and Cage

Trend sports power alley pro pitching machine is a unique pitching machine that has a number of important features built into it. Here are the major features that come with this pitching machine:

a) High Speed: Trend sports power alley pro pitching machine has a very powerful motor, making it support reasonably high speed, which is the most important feature in any baseball pitching machine. This machine can be used without electricity since it has motor inbuilt: It supports up to a speed of 60 MPH for light balls, and up to 45 MPH for baseball.

b) Tubular Steel Tripod stand: This amazing pitching machine is made of tubular steel stand which makes it stronger and durable, and can work well even on bad weather day without any difficulty. It also comes with fiberglass housing, which provides maximum protection for the baseball pitching machine.

c) Comes with speed adjustment knob: Trend sports power alley pro baseball pitching machine comes with speed adjustment knob that runs from 1-10 scale, which enables pitchers to adjust speed according to the level they need when pitching, and therefore a kid of any age, youth and pros can easily use it by adjusting the speed to what suits them.

d) Inflatable rubber tire: Trend sports pitching machine comes with inflatable tires; which is very important in helping to throw the baseballs, pressure can also be adjusted as the tire wears, so the speed is kept at the maximum all the time without any limitation.

e) Unbeatable Price: Trend sports power alley pro pitching machine is very pocket-friendly when making a purchase, and also on the site of maintenance, but one can still get the main important features that anyone may need in a pitching machine that is standard in quality.

2. Franklin Sports MLB Electronic Pitchin Machine

Franklin MLB electronic pitching machine has a number of features that everyone would need for better baseball pitching. They include:

a) High Speed: Like we discussed earlier, speed is very important for any pitching machine: Franklin sports MLB electronic pitching machine has a high speed when making throws. It can throw ball pitches after every 10 seconds which is really great beginners and even pro youths.

b) Uses Electricity
Franklin sports MLB pitching machine uses electricity, which makes it very efficient and convenient for the user who needs powerful throws all the time. With the help of electricity cable, one can make an extension so that they can play outdoors on in the backyard.

c) Red light indicator
Franklin pitching machine has a red light indicator that flashes to indicating that next pitching time has come. This helps a lot as a baseball player will be alerted and not caught unaware during pitching so that they can be ready all the time.

d) Adjustable height
Franklin sports MLB electronic pitching machine has an adjustable height and can be adjusted according to the needs of the person pitching, whether a child, youth or junior player and even pro tall players.

e) Cost Friendly
Franklin sport MLB is very pocket friendly while providing the best experience during pitching that anyone would like. The features it supports are far much greater than the price tag and this is why it is best-selling and more in production.

3. BSN Bulldog Baseball/ Softball Pitching Machine

This pitching machine has a number of great features, and it is worth spending money on. Here are the top quality features we find on this model of pitching machine:

a) Both Baseball and Softball Pitching capability
BSN Bulldog supports both baseball and softball pitching all in one machine. This makes this model one of the best choice since it can serve different interests in just one pitching machine.

b) High speed
BSN bulldog baseball/softball pitching machine has a reasonably high speed of 30-60 mph. This range of speed is one of the best and it can be adjusted between the range according to the needs of the user whether child, youth or pro baseball pitching individual.

c) Supports Multiple Throws
BSN supports multiple throws of 11 baseballs and 12 softballs: BSN pitching model is an automatic pitching machine, and this makes it easier to play solo rather than the one that a player needs a third party to place balls manually one after every throw.

d) Works with less power (electricity)
BSN baseball pitching model works with minimum electricity and can run 110 volts AC and 1/4 PH when working with a generator. This means that its power needs are not high as compared to other that consume lots of power and contributes to an extra cost after buying.

e) Durable Urethane Wheels
BSN bulldog comes with very durable urethane wheels that help in eliminated air pressure problems that are very common in a number of baseball and softball pitching machine models out there. It also has heavy duty stand that should support both baseball and softball without any inconveniences of breaking legs.

4. First Pitch Baseline Pitching Machine

First pitch baseline pitching machine is one of the best baseball/softball pitching machines in the market, which comes with very impressive features as follows:

a) High speed
First pitch baseline pitching machine supports a very high speed than the ones we have seen above. It goes up to 70 mph and this is a very impressive speed that anyone may need when they want to improve their pitching speed.

b) Both Baseball and softball Pitching
First pitch baseline supports both baseball pitching and softball pitching, making it ideal for anyone who may need pitching machine that can be used for both baseball and softball pitching.

c) Reversible legs
First Pitch Baseline has reversible legs and a baseline that features swivel base making one of a unique pitching machine around.

d) Potable
First Pitch baseline pitching machine is smaller and lighter, hence portable and can be moved from one place to another. It also has adjustable legs that use a motor and hence no extra tools needed for this purpose.

e) Durable
First pitch baseball has the longest warranty of 5 years, which confirms it durability. As such, when you need a pitching machine for both baseball and softball that is durable, go for this model of pitching machine.

5. Jugs Lite-Flite Machine for Baseball and Softball

Jugs lite-flite machine for baseball and softball comes with unique features that are impressive and one should consider buying one. Here are main features that make this model a unique one:

a) Lightweight
Jugs Lite-Flite is one of the best pitching models for starters since it is light with 35 lbs, which makes it to suite upcoming hitters. It supports light swings and this feature makes pros out of the starting baseball and softball lovers.

b) Both Baseball and Softball Pitching Capability
Jugs Lite-Flite pitching machine supports both baseball and softball and is, therefore, worth having for grown children and youths whose needs are all taken care of. It can also throw bulldog apart from lite-flite throws.

c) Impressive Speed
When it comes to speed; Jugs Lite-Flite is among the best pitching machines to go with. It supports up to 85 MPH at 25 feet, which makes it one of my favorites.

d) Supports Curve-balls
jugs Lite-Flite is the best pitching machine for juniors who want to know about curve-balls: It can throw both left-hand and right-hand curveballs and also has a slider which makes it ideal for the left-handed player.

e) Uses Electricity
Jugs Lite-Flite uses electricity and comes with a new 1/8 horsepower, and also has an inbuilt motor of 1.3 amp. This pitching machine comes with a warranty of 2 years, which means it is durable.

6. Rawlings Pro Line 3 Wheel Baseball Pitching Machine

Rawlings pro line 3 wheel pitching machine for baseball is one of its kind. It has a number of unique features that are not easy to find in most pitching machines, and that explains its price tag.

a) 3 Wheel
Rawlings pro line has 3 wheels which make it have a unique speed, break, and control. This makes Rawlings pitching machine very efficient when pitching anywhere.

b) Capable of making throws from any Angle
Rawlings pro line 3 wheel is capable of making throws from any angle and a maximum speed. This makes it one of the most flexible pitching machines in the market.

c) Speed
Rawlings Proline 3 wheel is one of the pitching machines that are faster, and it can support a speed of up to 100 mph from any angle. This makes it a unique model of pitching machine everyone wants to have for a better pitching experience.

d) Durability
Rawlings Proline 3 wheel is one of the most durable baseball pitching machines in the market, and it has a warranty of 5 good years, which confirms the durability of the machine.

e) Digital Control panel
Rawlings Proline 3 wheel comes with an advanced control panel where one sets the speed, spin directions, and the spin number and all these will be done automatically. This pitching machine does the math for you and makes pitching just another fun.

7. Jugs MVP Baseball Pitching Machine

Jugs MVP baseball pitching machine is also another machine tailor-made for juniors who are beginning on baseball pitching. Its features are:

a) Moderate Speed
Jugs MVP baseball pitching machine has a moderate speed of between 20 to 52 mph, which is very controllable for the juniors of age 6 to 12. So, if you need to buy one for juniors of the mentioned ages, jugs MVP baseball pitching machine is the best to go with.

b) Digital Speed Readout
Jugs MVP baseball pitching machine comes with a digital speed readout capability, which helps players to know which speed the spin is at when pitching.

c) Light Weight
Jugs MVP baseball pitching machine comes in a light weight of 56 lbs only so that it can be moved around easily by juniors when pitching. The weight of a pitching machine is very important, especially when buying for children.

d) Durable
Jugs MVP is also one of the most durable baseball pitching machines in the market, and it comes with a warranty of 5 good years. Durability is very important when buying pitching machine for kids since they will be using it often.

e) Affordable
This baseball pitching machine is one of the most affordable pitching machines for kids. With impressive features it has, it is worth buying since one will get value for the money used.

8. SKLZ Catapult Soft Toss Machine - Baseball Trainer

a) Perfect for warming up or training
SKLZ Catapult is one of the best baseball trainer machines around. It is perfect for warming prior to games or just an in-depth training on a free day.

b) Handles Multiple Baseballs
This machine can handle up to 11 baseballs and this one of the great quality of training with it. SKLZ catapult also handles balls of all sizes and weight so that it easy to use with any kind of balls.

c) Hitting Accuracy
SKLZ is catapult soft toss machine for training is built with lots of accuracies, and is bets for eye coordination training.

d) Comes with a user manual
SKLZ catapult soft toss machine also comes with a detailed user manual for learners who may need help on how to use it for the first time or just to refer.

9. Hack Attack Baseball Pitching Machine

a) High Speed
Hack attack baseball pitching machine comes with a very high speed of 100+ mph. This makes it one of the fastest baseball pitching machines in the market.

b) 3 wheel
It comes with 3 wheels which explain its fastness, and the wheels allow the player to see the ball clearly all the way through the feeding motion and release.

c) Extremely portable
Hack attack baseball pitching machine is portable and can be easily carried from one location to another, and highly recommended for high school or college guys.

d) Curveballs enabled
This pitching machine can easily make curveballs, which makes it one of the most favorite for the players who need to learn how to handle curve balls when pitching.

10. Louisville Slugger UPM 45 Blue Flame Pitching Machine

a) Moderate speed
This model of pitching machine has a moderate speed of between 18 to 45 mph. This makes it suitable for juniors who are beginners in pitching.

b) Handles all types of balls
This pitching machine has one of the best features since it can handle all types balls, size, weight, and hard.

c) Durable
Louisville slugger pitching machine is one of the most durable machine since it has longer warranty period. This means that it is one of the best when you need to buy long lasting pitching machine.


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