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Self Defense Against a Club Or Bat: 3 Tips That Can Save Your Life

Updated on February 28, 2012

Any self defense situation where your attacker has a weapon should be avoided if at all possible. If you are able to escape without a confrontation you should consider yourself lucky; run and get away as fast as possible.

If there is no hope of escaping the situation without a conflict there are a few things you absolutely must understand about how to block an attack from a weapon.

Block Hard Weapons With The Inside of the Forearm
Block Hard Weapons With The Inside of the Forearm

Self Defense Against Weapons: Tip 1

You always want to block hard weapons with soft (but not vulnerable) parts of the body.

For example if you are attacked by a guy with a baseball bat and try to block a swing with the outside of your forearm (the bony part) you are going to wind up with a broken arm.

If however you block the swing with the inside of your forearm it will hurt really bad, but won’t be likely to break the bone. Using this information will allow you to continue fighting off your attacker, instead of tending a broken arm. This is crucial information to have before you enter the fight.

Self Defense Against Weapons: Tip 2

Another key principle to understand is that on every stick type weapon (bat, club, stick, metal pipe, etc.) there is sweet spot and a weak spot.

The sweet spot is the section of the weapon that delivers the most power and damage. The weak spot is the place where you can block the weapon without getting seriously hurt.

In general the sweet spot is the area on the club or bat that is about ¾ of the way down the length of the weapon from the hand grip.

If you can block the weapon well inside of this area with the soft part of your forearm you will be able to stop the attack with minimal damage to yourself. To see a live demonstration of this technique check out this Video Tip.

If you get inside of that distance you will also make the weapon irrelevant and somewhat useless to your attacker. So the key is to get in close without being struck with the sweet spot.

A good way to understand this principle is to visualize a circle around the attacker. The circle is drawn by the attacker swinging the weapon and the edge of the circle is the sweet spot on the weapon.

This self defense technique will give you the best chance of defeating your attacker.

Notice How Many Fewer Veins Appear on the Top of the Forearm
Notice How Many Fewer Veins Appear on the Top of the Forearm

Self Defense Against Weapons: Tip 3

When Should Soft Parts Of The Body Not Be Used To Block in a Self Defense Situation?

Edged weapons (knives, etc.) are the exception to the hard weapon soft block rule. If you are attacked with an edged weapon your first instinct should be to run. If you stay it is impossible to not get cut.

If however you absolutely cannot escape and must defend yourself you should never block a knife attack with a soft part of your body (this is where arteries and major blood vessels run).

In most instances you can be cut on the top of your forearm and survive with minimal bleeding. However, if you are cut on the inside of the arm (the soft part) you are in real danger of severe blood loss.

Proper self defense techniques against an attacker with a knife deserve a dedicated series of articles, so I won’t get into it here. I simply needed to make it clear that the rules above change when you are talking about knives and other edged weapons.

If want to learn more about self defense check out my video blog or my home page

Stay Smart and Stay Safe,

Bob Pierce



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