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Custom Guns | Gun Accessories | Hunting | American Heritage Hunting Gear

Updated on October 5, 2012
CCW Gun Accessories
CCW Gun Accessories
American Heritage Hunting Gear
American Heritage Hunting Gear
Close up of the quality hunting gear belt
Close up of the quality hunting gear belt
Close up of the skeet shooter gear belt
Close up of the skeet shooter gear belt
All types of Hunting and Game Calls are available at CCW
All types of Hunting and Game Calls are available at CCW
Custom Gun Works and Restoration Services
Custom Gun Works and Restoration Services

If you have an interest in guns, hunting gear and accessories, you will appreciate this incredible American Heritage gear.

If you own guns for hunting, sport, sustainable living, or to protect yourself and your family you will appreciate the fine quality gun accessories, custom gun works, hunting gear and hunting dog supplies from CCW Hunting and Game Calls and Cottage Craft Works.

CCW Hunting and Games Calls is a subsidiary of Cottage Craft Works. Cottage Craft Works has developed vendor relationships with the small cottage based shops and small businesses across the United States.

Most of the shops are individually or family owned where the owner still touches the products they make and produce.

Many of the shops are Amish based and still use the skills and craftsmanship passed down from generations. Other shops have developed quality American made products for years and are also second and third generation owned businesses.

Cottage Craftworks is able to provide extremely high quality products that will likely become cherished as family heirlooms of tomorrow. Unless you live close to one of these shops you might not know they even exists or the type of quality products that are still being made in the U.S.A.

For decades these small businesses have depended on local trade and word of mouth. Some have ventured out and allowed companies to promote them on the web, but very few companies like Cottage Craft Works has placed such a focus on supporting the small cottage based business shops, and assembled such a unique line up of self-sufficient products to promote a sustainable life style all in one place.

The products Cottage Craft Works have assembled are like taking a walk back into time, where quality workmanship meant something and American pride and jobs was high. These are the types of products that bring back nostalgia and are what you see used in old time movies and Norman Rockwell paintings.

Many never realize the antique items made in the 1800s are still being made and used today. Products once people depended on to raise food for their family, make home based products, store, and process food are still being made and used in sustainable living cultures such as the Amish and others still today.

These are the products and stories of knowledge held within the pages of the Cottage Craft Works modern general store web site. Over 200 books on sustainable living from organic gardening, home keeping, building sustainable structures raising live stock, and food processing are available.

CCW has one of the largest selections of hunting and game calls, hunting gear, custom replacement gun stocks and even offers custom gun works. Their Amish hand carved gunstocks were featured in the March 2011 issue of Outdoor Life Magazine.

Custom gun works include stocks, checkering metal engraving, and restoration services for even some of the oldest historical guns such as the early Winchesters. Custom butt caps and pistol grip caps can also be added.

Although you will find all types of hunting and game calls turkey calls are a CCW specialty. You will find every type of box and friction pot turkey call imaginable. You can even purchase a turkey box or slate call kit to finish and customize for yourself.

CCW is one of the only companies who offer a unique four-in-one combo locator and turkey call built into one base. The craftsman ship and use of hardwoods make these calls something that can be displayed in home or office during the off season.

The American Heritage inspired hunting gear is the type that you might see in an early hunting magazine next to a 1950 Willys Jeepster. Custom game belts and hunting gear is made of fine American tanned leathers. Gear belts are available for skeet, upland bird and game hunters.

Other gun accessories include both leather and nylon holsters, slings, and ammo carriers. From fancy tooled leather to the thinnest nylon conceal and carry holster you will find them here. Fancy tooled leather and glass display cases are also available.

American made hunting apparel from jackets, coats, vest, bibs and chaps are available as well as protective vest and transmitter holsters for the hunting dog. The hunting dog section includes a trainer gear belt and leather leashes for the professional trainer.

You can purchase all these fine products by clicking here on CCW Hunting and Game Calls. You can purchase all the self-sustainable products at


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