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Self-Sufficient Living | Food Plots | Attract Deer, wild turkey, and other game using these quality food plot seeds

Updated on September 6, 2012
Clover Buffet
Clover Buffet
Buck Fest Deer Plot Seed
Buck Fest Deer Plot Seed
Big Buck Binge Deer Food Plot Mix
Big Buck Binge Deer Food Plot Mix
Turkey Attack Seed Mix
Turkey Attack Seed Mix
Deer Food Plot Fertilizer
Deer Food Plot Fertilizer
Rack Snack Deer Supplement
Rack Snack Deer Supplement
ATV Disc
ATV Disc
ATV Cultivator
ATV Cultivator
ATV-Garden Tractor Seeder
ATV-Garden Tractor Seeder

Attract deer, wild turkey and other game using these high quality seed blends designed specifically for the species you want to hunt, view or photograph.

These are probably some of the highest quality seeds and minerals on the market anywhere to attract deer, wild turkey and other wild game; in fact Rough Ridge is so confident in their product they guarantee them.

If you have been disappointed in trying to grow a lush deer and wild game food plot, perhaps it is because you keep purchasing the common mixes at a local farm store, or are just planting one seed crop such as field corn.

To grow the best food plots, use quality seeds developed by a company who only specializes in seed blends just for game hunting or viewing. CCW is proud to only carry food plot seeds produced by the Rough Ridge Company located in the Pennsylvania Dutch Amish country. Rough Ridge has been producing quality seeds and minerals locally for Amish hunters for years.

By studying the different game species and what they desire the most, Rough Ridge has developed some of the most unique and best mixes in order to promote the lush food plots for the game hunters want to hunt. Rough Ridge even has a special blend to attract wild turkeys.

CCW Hunting and Game Calls stumbled on this small cottage company while on a new product tour and are proud to now become a dealer of these quality seeds and minerals for the sportsman and self-sufficient hunter dependent on having wild game as part of their family food supply.

Rough Ridge has created the highest quality products for deer hunting and deer herd management. This is a listing of their products, mixtures and how they work.

Clover Buffet Food Plot Seed blend far exceeds most hunter expectation. Bucks love the flavor and stay for extended periods to and enjoy this tasty deer food. Best of all this sustainable clover will provide years of clover to become a favorite deer hang out

The Clover Buffet Seed blend germinates fast growing quickly in cool weather to provide a lush food plot. The blend seed include Pinnacle Ladino Clover, Jumbo Ladino Clover and Crusade White Clover. It grows best in well-drained soils in either shade or sunny exposures.

This sustainable crop is also a favorite hangout for honey bees. Five pounds will cover approximately 1/2 acre. Ten pounds of Clover Buffer Seed will cover about 1 acre.

Buck Fest is a mix of grass and legumes seed that provide high protein grazing to attract deer. In addition to clover the Buck Fest includes orchard grasses and alfalfa to enhance the food plot. Seeds grow aggressively by utilizing the nitrogen of the clover and alfalfa mixture. Nine pounds will cover about ½ acre.

Big Buck Binge Deer Food Plot Seed Mix provides an annual deer food plot blend of turnips and brassica. It will provide a late fall and winter food source. This is mix is important for deer herd management because most other food plots will be finished, leaving the deer without a supply for the winter months.

The Big Buck Binge contains purple top turnips roots and tops, which provide nutritious protein to your deer herd during the coldest winter months. Allowing a better deer harvest when the spring season opens. Five pounds will cover about ½ acre.

Turkey Attack Seed Mix is probably the only food plot seed produced for wild turkeys, as well as, grouse, pheasants, quail and deer. The seed mix contains sunflowers, grain sorghum, buckwheat, and millet. Hunters have found this mix to be providing an excellent food source as well as cover. Fifteen pounds will cover about ½ acre.

Deer Food Plot Fertilizer is a fertilizer especially formulated to rejuvenate soil and promote healthy vegetation in your food plot. This special formula contains humic acid to promote microbial life in the soil to produce lush and healthy deer food plot growth.

Rack Snack is a deer mineral supplement blended to promote better deer racks and health of a deer herd. Use Rack Snack all year to attract and watch your prize buck. Rack Snack has been a proven success for years, and out performs other mineral supplements on the market.

Purchase in sizes as small as 5lbs up to 50lbs.

Purchase Rough Ridge seeds and minerals at CCW Hunting and Game Calls or Cottage Craft Works, this link will take you directly to the Rough Ridge products.

Cottage Craft Works also carries hobby farm equipment sized just right to plant seed plots using an ATV or small compact tractor.

CCW Hunting and Game Calls is a subsidiary of Cottage Craft Works. These companies specialize in high quality products mainly made in the American small cottage based shops and business.

CCW Hunting and Game Calls provide American Heritage heirloom quality hunting calls, hunting gear and custom gun stocks as well as the food plot seeds.

Cottage Craft Works is a full line sustainable living general store providing products for home, farm, ranch, kitchen, food processing, and sustainable building products. Cottage Craft Works is at


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    • lizstevens profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Houston Texas

      John, that is correct no hybrids or genetic altered seeds.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Are these Seeds Non-GMO??


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