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UEFA & FIFA - Power Mad Presidents

Updated on May 16, 2013
Platini and Blatter
Platini and Blatter

They are the people that football fans love to hate, they even often love to hate each other, It's Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini. Their ignorance of needed policy changes infuriate the football world, but even more so do the un-needed rules they enjoy to enforce each season, that spoils the game for both fans and players alike.

Ravinelli in action for Juventus
Ravinelli in action for Juventus
Celebrating after scoring a goal
Celebrating after scoring a goal

Everyone who grew up watching Serie A and the Premier League in the 1990's, would score a goal whilst playing in the park and instantly lift the front of their shirt over their head in celebration, like the grey-haired Italian legend Fabrizio Ravinelli! A celebration that lives on in the memories of every football fan. however, because of the busy-bodies at FIFA and UEFA this would now result in a Yellow Card each time, therefore Ravinelli would be too scared to score twice in one game, otherwise he would miss the next game automatically after being sent off after the second. This rule is also true for when a footballer gets so excited that he has scored, that he will forget he's a multi-millionaire for a minute and run over to a fan to embrace and celebrate a potential moment in history.

Yet, although the referee would swoop for his cards for things as trivial as I have just mentioned, the below video shows a horrendous tackle, that for some reason, the referee and his officials, did not deem it worthy of a yellow card, and the FA could not make any retrospective action after the match because of this fact. Surely, and you will agree after watching the tackle, FIFA and UEFA should enforce rules to eradicate this type of misdemeanor, rather than ones that only fuel infuriation and lack of trust of both respective organisations.

WARNING: Do NOT watch if you are of nervous disposition!

I'm sure you will agree, and pardon the pun, but a tackle such as that should be the focus of FIFA and UEFA to stamp out, and not celebrations of delight that can inspire a generation.

Another focus that has been heavily waded onto FIFA and UEFA is that of Goal-Line Technology. Although thus far, they have been resolute in either not using it, or putting it off, for no apparent reason, except keeping football in the 1920's. It is a much needed piece of technology that could take some of the un-needed flack from referees that has happened during some of the biggest games in football. Probably the biggest example is Frank Lampard's goal that never was against Germany in the 2010 World Cup. Not being given perhaps changed the course of the match, or maybe even history, however we will never know.

Also, many would argue that, had goal-line technology been around at the time, England's third goal that gave them the extra-time lead in the 4-2 victory against Germany may not have counted, therefore, England's legends of the 1966 World Cup may never have become, indeed, legends.

Platini, is still very against the thought of goal-line technology, which he obviously has his reasons for, but the whole of FIFA are slowly coming round to the idea, and are finally trialling different types of the technology. This will provide a great deal of relief to fans of football, that the game is moving forward, and will actually decrease some pressure that is put upon the organisations, should it be implemented.

Another thing that also infuriates many football fans and professionals, about Michel Platini, Sepp Blatter and their organisations UEFA and FIFA, is the awarding of the biggest competition in the world, the FIFA World Cup to Middle-Eastern country Qatar. This is a country that has almost NO footballing history or pedigree, and many believe votes were 'bought' by corrupt individuals from corrupt individuals. The latter I mention are FIFA representatives. Not only are people infuriated because of the awarding to a nation that pretty much knows nothing about football, only the monetary value of it, but also because the climate is so hot, they may even have to change the time of year the historic competition takes place just to accommodate it, making most of the rest of the football world delay their schedule just to partake. A great bug-bare for true football fans, was that Qatar would have even been allowed to be considered in the first place. The video below shows the then Blackpool manager, Ian Holloway, rant about the ridiculous idea, and the leaders of UEFA and FIFA, Platini and Blatter. It shows just how furious the wider footballing world feels about decisions made by the 'leaders' of our beautiful game.

The issue of racism has raised it's ugly head in football, particularly since the Poland/Ukraine 2012 European Championship's, and there seems to have been case upon case of thugs, idiots and ignoramuses abusing ethnic footballers, this includes fellow footballers. The two big organisations, UEFA and FIFA seem to have a preference to fine clubs, players and staff more heavily for not attending post match interviews etc., more than they do individuals and/or teams involved in disgusting racist remarks and behaviour. An example of ignorance is Platini warning players in the European Championships, that if they walked off when abused, they would be punished with a booking. He made these remarks after Mario Balotelli warned to protest if he was subjected to abuse. Thankfully he, and no other players were abused in the tournament, but there has been several high-profile instances since, including walk-offs by players such as Kevin Prince-Boateng after been abused in a friendly against Pro Patria. He did eventually go back on his remarks and 'allowed' referees the power to stop games should racism occur, however this was after immense public pressure.

In the opinion of many football fans, the sooner UEFA and FIFA get rid of Platini and Blatter, clean up their act, and start developing clear ideas to what is actually needed to be done in the game, to bring it up to date, and not meddle with trivial issues that don't affect football, the better.

Who stifles football more?

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