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Serie A record Buffon, Juventus divert yourself with neighbors

Updated on March 21, 2016

Goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon broke the record 929-minute clean sheet was founded over 20 years ago by Sebastiano Rossi Milan team. With the clean sheet to 48 minutes in the Turin derby, Buffon has had 974 minutes continuously to discourage the opponent striker in Serie A.

Buffon also succumbed on penalties and end a run of clean sheets he is Andrea Belotti. Belotti phase set of anonymous fame by Juventus has scored four goals this battle phase consists of Paul Pogba's opener, a table of Samir Khedira and brace thanks to Alvaro Morata.

Juventus suffered two losses after the match, including a straight red card for Dybala Khedira and recurrence of injury, leave the field in the first half.

Victory over neighbors helping Juventus lift 30 distance with Napoli to second team six points. This is not under pressure for Napoli when they host Genoa in the match then.

Match against Torino is home to honor Buffon, who almost certainly break the record by just four minutes in this match clean sheets. Earlier, Buffon has a new record for clean sheets for Dino Zoff's Juventus in a 1-0 win over Sassuolo.

Turning to the domestic playing field, Juventus needed a victory, not only to speed up the scudetto but forget the sorrow Champions League. In this series of midweek, Juventus almost shocking in Munich but lost in the decisive moment.

Torino is the capital of Juventus prey. In 10 recent games in Serie A, Juventus won eight and lost just one. Even if visitors have to do is to pitch neighbors overwhelm Juventus played well right from the start. Stunning opener from the spot kick of the match Juventus Pogba as help easier.


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