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Sevylor Inflatable Boats

Updated on April 22, 2010
Sevylor 4 Person Super Caravelle
Sevylor 4 Person Super Caravelle
Sevylor Fish Hunter Inflatable Boat
Sevylor Fish Hunter Inflatable Boat
Seyvlor Fish Master 325 Inflatable Boat
Seyvlor Fish Master 325 Inflatable Boat

Small Inflatable Boats

Fishing is one of the primary uses of Inflatable Boats. They are easy to inflate and deflate and can be carried easily to and from your fishing spot. No need to pull a big trailer with your boat on it everytime you want to go on a quite little fishing trip.

On the other hand there is no need to be confined to the bank for all your fishing trips either.

The Sevylor Inflatable Boats are a popular brand and have several sizes, with different features for each. They are durable and great for both hunting and fishing trips. Take the kids and even the dog. Might want to put a tarp or something on the bottom to protect from claw punctures though.

Sevylor Fish Hunter

This model comes in a 8', 9'2" and 12' version and as it's name indicates it is great for fishing.

It is made of extra heavy duty virgin pvc and is very rigid. It comes equiped with rod holders, a gear/battery pouch, extra large inflatable seat and swivel oarlocks.

You can use the Sevylor Electric Trolling Motor on this boat without a motor mount.

Keep in mind though that this boat weights over 40 lbs. and has a maximum weight capacity of 600 lbs. It is advertised as a 4 person inflatable boat but most owners say that would be a tight squeeze, but is very comfortable with 3 people.

Sevylor Fish Master 325

This model has a wooden slatted floor and 2 wooden bench seats with a 5 person capacity and also largely used for fishing and hunting expeditions.

It has a maximum weight capacity of 900 pounds and comes with oar holders, fishing rod holder, swivel oarlocks, oar holders and water drain plugs.

You can use a gas motor (up to 3 HP) when using an optional motor mount.

Many More Sevylor Choices

The two Sevylor Inflatables shown above are just two of the many fun Sevylor boats.....

Caring For Your Sevylor Inflatable Boat

Finding a Leak
Thoroughly spray sections of your boat with a soapy solution and watch for bubbles. Also, check around all seams and valves.

Repairing a Pin Hole
Either use the patch kit that came with your inflatable boat or by using a product called Air Seal(a special liquid plastic). Air Seal only takes a few minutes to completely dry.

Repairing a Seam Separation
A seam separation can be repaired eaily using Seam Seal. This will be your fix for splits, cuts, large holes and for any areas that need abrasion protection due to high wear. Plan to allow for overnight drying.

Cleaning Your Sevylor Inflatable Boat
Simply use a mild household cleaner.

How To Store Your Inflatable Boats
First make sure your boat is dry and clean before storing in order to prevent mildew. One good way to store your boat is to deflate it, roll it up and then store in a canvas duffle bag.

Registering Your Boat

You will need to check with the Department of Motor Vehicles in your area, since regulations vary with each district.

The Manufacture's Certificate of Orgin (MCO)

Every Sevylor Inflatable Boat sold has a blank MCO included in the instruction manual for you to fill out and get notarized. If it happens to be missing then contact Sevylor Customer Service (1-800-835-3278) and one can be completed and mailed to you.


Sevylor Offerings On Amazon


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    • profile image

      Mark Garza 5 years ago

      Great review! One of my friends bought a few boats from, can you review some of those? I'd like to know what you think, thanks :)

    • homebse profile image

      homebse 7 years ago from Birmingham, AL


      Thanks for your comment. I am sorry but I do not have the information you need.

      Sevylor is now a part of the The Coleman Company. You can contact their customer service at 1-800-835-3278. Their email address is

      Hope this helps.


    • profile image

      Craig Bond 7 years ago

      Can you please send me an instruction manual (with a blank MCO) for a Sevylor Fish Hunter 360. I'm trying to get the raft registered. If possible, can you please fax or e-mail the information to me. Thanks. My contact information is below:

      Craig Bond

      1107 Woodmount Court

      Denton, TX 76209

      Tel: 817-296-8536

      Fax: 817-232-4909