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Shock Doctor Titan Alloy Flex Cup Review

Updated on February 25, 2011
Titan alloy flex cup by Shock Doctor
Titan alloy flex cup by Shock Doctor

Shock Doctor, long known for making quality protective gear, has done it again with the titan alloy flex cup.  This groin protector is a bit more expensive than its plastic counterparts, but well worth the little extra. To date, I find this to be the best overall cup on the market.


The titan alloy flex cup is very precisely designed to fit the anatomical curvature of your body.  As such, it provides complete protection coverage everywhere you need it.  The alloy material is light, but hard as steel.  This means the titan alloy flex will not only take harder impacts, it will never break either.  With plastic cups, a significant impact can shatter the cup, leaving sharp edges in a very sensitive area.  The titan alloy flex cup will never shatter or split -- at the very worst it will dent.  It would take an incredible impact to dent this cup. 


The precise, anatomically correct design paired with the gel liner make this cup extremely comfortable.  The adult size provides enough depth to enhance this comfort, even if you are larger than average.  I have used this cup for martial arts applications and experienced no discomfort or limited motion, even while kicking.  I have personally paired the cup with an Underarmour jock and find it stays in place perfectly.  


If you are in a sport where significant impacts can take place, I enthusiastically recommend the Shock Doctor titan alloy flex cup. It provides superior protection in a comfortable, lightweight, non-breakable package. It is not much more expensive than other cups or groin protectors, but is well worth the price.  10 out of 10 -- I can't think of anyway to improve it. 


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      Greg 5 years ago

      To each his own in the jock and cup department, of course. Personally, I found the titanium cup to be a bit tad small, though adequate. Shock Doctor's Bioflex cup is available in two adult sizes, and some of us found that the XL cup which is dark blue provides a better fit and still snug. Some of us are rather slight built and find this to be true. The bioflex cup also works in the UnderArmour jock. I have to admit, though, that the Shock Doctor jock with that cup is even better. The SD jocks run a bit small, too, and us guys who usually take a medium found we had to order the large. Maybe that is because the SD jock rides on the hips and not on the waist.