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Shoe Recommendations

Updated on May 2, 2019
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This article talks about different basketball shoes and which types of players each one is best for.

Basketball is a game that requires very few pieces of equipment to get started. However, there are different types of products that can make a difference with a player’s performance. There are also different types of equipment that fit different player play styles and builds. Therefore, this article is going to highlight the different variations of basketball products and my experience with them. This article should help you to determine which products are best for you.

The topic I’m going to talk about is basketball shoes. Basketball shoes are the single most important piece of equipment that a player has to buy, in my opinion. Therefore, it is important to find the right shoes for you depending on your body type and play style. The first type of shoes I am going to review is Kyrie Irving’s signature shoes. These shoes are overall very good and reliable. They have a lot of traction and have a unique look to them. Usually, these shoes are better for players who are point guards. This makes sense since Kyrie Irving is also a point guard. The reason I say this is because they are meant to be a lighter kind of basketball shoe. This is important for point guards because they usually have to be one of the quickest players on the court. There are also more of a mid-top shoe, so they have a little bit of ankle support. Quality basketball shoes have a tendency to be higher priced. However, this shoe is actually very affordable. Depending on the type of Kyrie Irving shoe you get, they usually sell for about $110 to $120. Therefore, my overall opinion on these shoes is that I would recommend them to anyone who is a point guard or smaller player.

The next shoe I am going to review is Paul George’s signature shoe. Paul George has consistently come out with good quality shoes. They are also very cool looking and feature some good customization features. For example, his shoes feature an adjustable strap across the mid part of the foot so you can adjust how tight you want your shoe to fit. The traction is also very good on these shoes as well. In terms of the weight, these shoes are middle of the pack in this aspect. The one feature that some players sometimes don’t like is that they are low-top shoes. A lot of basketball players like the extra ankle support. If you are one of those players, this might not be the show for you. In terms of the position this shoe is meant for, I believe any player can use this shoe. I used to play in these shoes all of the time about a year ago and they were very comfortable. They aren’t too heavy or too light which allows basically any position on the court to use these. In terms of price, these shoes are also very affordable. They usually sell for about the same price as the Kyrie Irving shoes. Therefore, I would recommend these shoes to anyone who doesn’t feel like they play a specific position or any player who just wants an overall comfortable basketball shoe.

The next type of shoe I am going to review is the Lebron James shoes. I’m going to break this one into two sections because he has two different types of shoes. The first one of his that I’m going to review is his normal signature shoe. Each year he comes out with a slightly newer version of this shoe. For this article, I’m going to review the Lebron 15’s, which is last year’s model. The reason I’m reviewing this one is because this is the current shoe I use to play in games and I personally believe it is his best version of the shoe. Lebron’s shoes usually have a reputation for being very expensive. I personally bought these shoes for about $150. Therefore, these may be out of a lot of people’s price range. In terms of quality, I absolutely love these shoes. They are one of the most unique shoes I’ve ever played in. The first feature that I fell in love with is the air shocks on the bottom. This provides an extra cushion for players especially for when players are jumping a lot. In terms of the actual body of the shoe, it consists of a stretchy knit material called “battle knit.” This material doesn’t provide good ankle support despite being a high-top shoe. However, the material helps the shoe conform to the shape of your foot. In other words, it feels like you are putting on a really thick sock. This may sound weird, but it provides for a very comfortable feel. In terms of overall weight, the shoe does feel a little heavier compared to other basketball shoes. The traction is very mediocre on these shoes. They are very good with traction if you are running vertically. However, if you are a player that makes a lot of side-to-side cut moves, they tend to lose traction sometimes. Therefore, based on this information and my experience with the shoe, I would recommend this shoe to bigger players. I am one of the taller players, so this shoe fits my play style perfectly.

Now, I’m going to review the other version of Lebron shoes. The other version that Lebron created is called the “Lebron Soldiers.” I also used to play in these shoes before I started playing in the more expensive Lebron shoes. The Soldiers are meant to be a more affordable Lebron shoe since he realized his other ones were a bit overpriced. These shoes have a unique design to them as well. These shoes have no laces. Instead, they feature a set of straps going all the way down to the end of the shoe. Some players hate this and would rather have normal shoe laces. In terms of traction, they are a lot better than the other Lebron shoe I talked about earlier. The weight is middle of the pack, but lighter than the other Lebron shoes. The quality of the base of the shoe seemed a bit cheaply made, in my opinion. It’s more of a really hard surface, which is the complete opposite of the Lebron 15’s. The price, however, is much more affordable. They usually cost around $110 compared to the $150. I would also recommend these shoes to the bigger players. However, I feel like the Paul George shoes are the best value at this price range.


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